Monday, November 7, 2022

Corporatocracy: New Study From Harvard Ph.D. Finds Google “Shifting Votes On a Massive Scale!”


It’s no secret that Google is the world’s largest search engine with more 9 billion searches daily.  YouTube is arguably the second largest search engine (although it’s not technically a “search engine”) with 81% of U.S. adults using it.  Because of this extensive reach, it was reassuring that the company included the term “Don’t be Evil” in its “Code of Conduct” since its inception in 2000.  However, in 2018, that phrase was quietly removed and things have turned ugly.

Enter Dr. Robert Epstein.

Dr. Epstein supported Joe Biden in the 2020 election.  But, with a welcomed non-partisan mindset, he also has found that world’s leading search engine may have deliberately shifted as many as six million votes for “Basement Biden” on November 3rd.

The Gateway Pundit has previously reported on some of Dr. Epstein’s work on Google’s censorship, and manipulation of information, especially regarding elections.  But now, Dr. Epstein is tracking Google’s activities using what he calls “ephemeral experiences”, which are exposures to short-lived content that impacts people and then disappears, leaving no trace.  In other words, something like a YouTube video that pops up under “Suggested videos” (never, ever click those!) or changing the top ranked results on a Google search (compared to, say, Bing.)

Dr. Epstein shared this incredible story through the Daily Caller on Sunday and cited an email leak story published by the Wall Street Journal.  This story exposed Google’s attempts to manipulate public perception regarding Donald Trump’s “Muslim Ban”:

The email chain, while sprinkled with cautionary notes about engaging in political activity, suggests employees considered ways to harness the company’s vast influence on the internet in response to the travel ban. Google said none of the ideas discussed were implemented.

“These emails were just a brainstorm of ideas, none of which were ever implemented,” a company spokeswoman said in a statement. “Google has never manipulated its search results or modified any of its products to promote a particular political ideology—not in the current campaign season, not during the 2016 election, and not in the aftermath of President Trump’s executive order on immigration. Our processes and policies would not have allowed for any manipulation of search results to promote political ideologies.”

That was 2018.

Fast forward to today:

Dr. Epstein’s team is “is currently monitoring online political content being sent to voters in swing states through more than 2,500 computers owned by a politically-diverse group of registered voters (our “field agents”)…We have so far preserved more than 1.9 million ‘ephemeral experiences’ – exposure to short-lived content that impacts people and then disappears, leaving no trace – that Google and other companies are able to use to shift opinions and voting preferences, and we expect to have captured more than 2.5 million by Election Day.”

Thus far, he has identified “about a dozen new forms of online manipulation” that use the ephemeral experiences controlled primarily by Google.  Dr. Epstein has determined this manipulation can swing votes of undecided voters by up to 80% in certain demographics and turn a 50/50 split into a 90/10 without anyone knowing they are being manipulated.

The Daily Caller writes:

In 2020, the 1.5 million ephemeral experiences we aggregated from the computers of our 1,735 field agents showed us manipulations that were sufficient, in theory, to have shifted more than six million votes to Joe Biden (whom I supported) – again, without people knowing they were being manipulated. Among other findings: Google was sending more go-vote reminders to liberals and moderates than to conservatives; that’s a brazen and powerful manipulation that would go completely undetected unless someone was monitoring.

Our preliminary analyses of the data we have collected so far in 2022 are equally disturbing. In swing states, and especially in Wisconsin, Arizona, and Florida, we are finding a high level of liberal bias in Google search results, but not in search results on Bing (the same pattern we have found in every election since 2016). In several swing states, 92 percent of the autoplay videos being fed to YouTube users are coming from liberal news sources (YouTube is owned by Google). Unless Google backs down, it will shift hundreds of thousands of votes on Election Day itself with those brazen targeted go-vote reminders – and we will catch them doing so.

According to the article, a NY Post writer, Ebony Bowden, wrote an exposé to be published on October 30, 2020.  However, it was pulled after a phone call with the editor and a Google official.  As if the Biden Laptop censorship and COVID “misinformation” bans weren’t already enough.  Strike 3.

On November 5th, however, three US Senators sent a letter to Google regarding this manipulation.   According to Dr. Epstein, it was immediately turned off as a result:  there were no “Go Vote” ads sent out and political bias in the search engines dropped to “zero.”  One of the whistleblowers in this case said that Google can turn that feature off “like flipping a light switch.”

Thankfully, Dr. Epstein is continuing his extensive work on monitoring and exposing the manipulation:

Will the article you are now reading change the course of history? Will it cause Google to take its digital thumb off the scales in our midterm elections? Whatever Mr. Pichai, its CEO, decides to do, we will know, and we will preserve the evidence.

And this time, we will continue to expand the monitoring system, and we will be monitoring content going not just to voters but also to America’s children. By late 2023, we will have a digital shield in place – a panel of more than 20,000 field agents in all 50 states – and we will shame Big Tech into staying clear of our elections and our kids for many years to come.

The censorship and manipulation must stop.  A population of voters, who will never see a story like this, continue to be pitted against their fellow man simply over differing opinions.  When one side is being supported by the primary disseminator of information, the other side is quickly villainized for their beliefs and ideals because its not “mainstream.”  Now, the “Corporatocracy” is going a step further by using their dissemination ability to influence those who are “on the fence”  regarding elections to the side that they, admittedly, support.

People’s own sovereign thought is under attack and they don’t even know it.


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