Monday, December 19, 2022

'The Most Important Parliamentary Speech You Will See, It May Save Your Life' (Video)


In an extraordinary speech to the British House of Commons last week, Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen painted an unvarnished picture of the lies, deception, and harm that the authorization of the mRNA vaccines has caused to populations worldwide. He also alleged that there’s been a cover-up at the British Heart Foundation showing the link between myocarditis and the Covid mRNA vaccines. 

“I implore the government to halt their use immediately,” said Bridgen, MP for North West Leicestershire. “The data clearly shows that they are not safe, not effective, and not necessary. The government’s current policies on mRNA vaccines are on the wrong side of medical ethics, the wrong side of data, and ultimately will be on the wrong side of history.” 

Not only did Bridgen, who is himself double vaccinated with the AstraZeneca product, now withdrawn from use due to side effects, present conclusive data illustrating harm published in medical journals worldwide, but he also addressed the corruption endemic in a pharmaceutical approval system which is akin to “the poacher paying the gamekeeper.”  He went on to tell colleagues in the House that 86 percent of funding for the MHRA – the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency – is received from the industry it is supposed to regulate. The situation is similar in the USA, with the FDA captured by pharmaceutical industry interests. Robert F Kennedy Jr.’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci, clearly illustrates how this happened. 

To further show the depth of corruption within the pharmaceutical industry, Bridgen explained that members of the JCVI – the Joint Committee on Vaccines and Immunization – have huge financial links to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, itself heavily invested in pharmaceutical industry stocks. “The real scandal is that those with a responsibility to patients and scientific integrity – namely doctors, academic institutions, and medical journals – collude with the industry for financial gain,” he said. “Big pharma captures the political environment through lobbying, the knowledge environment through funding university education and influencing medical education, preference shaping through the capture of media, financing, think tanks, etc. In other words, the PR of pharma excels in subterfuge and engages in de-platforming those who call out their manipulations.” 

Nonetheless, a few august voices have expressed their dismay with the system, including Richard Smith, a former editor of the British Medical Journal, Sir Richard Thompson, former President of the Royal College of Physicians, personal doctor to the late Queen, and Richard Horton, editor of The Lancet, who in the past has said that possibly half of published medical literature may simply be untrue. “Silence on this issue is more contagious than the virus itself – and now so should courage be. I implore all those scientists, doctors, nurses, and those in the media who know the truth about the harms these vaccines are causing to speak out,” said Bridgen. “We are not just fighting for our health, but for our democracy. The future health of the British public depends on us tackling this problem head-on.”

One such high-profile medic who has done so is Dr. Aseem Malhotra. Dr. Malhotra, a Covid “vaccine” promoter, had a remarkable change of attitude towards the experimental mRNA injections following his father’s death. Malhotra, one of the first doctors to be vaccinated in the U.K., published a two-part paper in The Journal of Insulin Resistance in September titled, ‘Curing the pandemic of misinformation on COVID-19 mRNA vaccines through real evidence-based medicine’. He called on authorities and the medical community to stop vaccinations. 

According to Malhotra, a new analysis of data from randomized controlled trials shows a greater risk of a serious adverse event from the vaccine than hospitalization with Covid. He also says that a disproportionate number of people need to be vaccinated to prevent one death from Covid. According to Bridgen, real-world data from the three-month wave of Omicron in early 2022 shows that 7,300 people over 80 would need to be vaccinated to prevent one death. 

“It quickly became apparent that there was no protection against infection at all, and we were left with the hope that it would protect us from serious illness and death,” Bridgen said. “Contrary to popular belief, that original trial (Pfizer) of approximately 40,000 participants did not show any statistically significant reduction in death as a result of vaccination. Absolute risk reduction was 0.84 percent, and Pfizer revealed, from their own data, that you needed to vaccinate 119 people to prevent one infection.”

However, what the mRNA vaccines do successfully appear to have done is caused serious illness, hospitalization, and death. A recent study, “A Re-Analysis of the Pfizer-Moderna Randomized Control Trial,” in the peer-reviewed journal Vaccine, showed that Pfizer’s data revealed a level of one in every 800 recipients suffering serious adverse events, defined as hospitalization, disability, or life-changing, in the two months following vaccination. 

 Bridgen cited another recent report in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), which revealed that amongst children under five who received the mRNA covid shot, one in 200 had an adverse event that required hospitalization and produced symptoms for longer than 90 days. 

So why aren’t we hearing about this from policymakers and the mainstream media? Because Bridgen believes we are subject to a psychological phenomenon called willful blindness. “This is when human beings and institutions turn a blind eye to the truth in order to feel safe, reduce anxiety, to avoid conflict, and protect their prestige and reputations. What is crucial to understand is that the longer willful blindness to the truth continues, the more unnecessary harm it creates,” he explained. “We have already sacrificed too many of our citizens on the altar of ignorance and unfettered corporate greed. There’s a conspiracy of silence that we need to break.” 

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