Saturday, December 24, 2022

The Final Report from the Corrupt and Unconstitutional Jan 6th Committee Includes One Glaring Omission


The committee behind the unconstitutional Jan 6 Committee failed to keep their promise to the American public.

Rep. Thomas Massie pointed out the obvious item that is missing in the Jan 6th report.  It’s related to a question we’ve been asking since mid-2021 – who is Ray Epps?

January 6th committee to adjourn without fulfilling year old promise to release Epps transcript.

The one person on film telling people to go into the Capitol (multiple times) disappears from FBI list and is not even mentioned in the 845 page final report.

— Thomas Massie (@RepThomasMassie) December 23, 2022

Massie confronted the corrupt DOJ AG Merrick Garland about Epps more than a year ago.

Garland refused to address whether or not Epps was working for the Feds on Jan 6, 2021.

Rep. Thomas Massie Plays Video of Ray Epps Who TGP Reported on Back in June – AG Garland Will Not Say if He Was Working for the Feds on Jan. 6th (VIDEO)

Epps was never arrested, although he did more to incite violence on Jan 6th than any other Trump supporter that day.  He was on the FBI’s January 6 Most Wanted List and then he mysteriously was removed from that list.  Epps acted violently and urged others to storm the US Capitol that day.

TGP was the first to bring up Ray Epps and it took months before the mainstream media reported on this villain.

Back on June 18 Gateway Pundit Was First to Report on Deep State Plant Ray Epps at the J-6 Protests — Today the Ray Epps Story Finally Made the Mainstream Daily Mail

Senator Ted Cruz did an excellent job asking a top FBI official about Ray Epps.  The corrupt Deep State wouldn’t refused to answer questions on Ray Epps.

Hate @TedCruz all you want but these questions about FBI’s role in 1/6 are vital: because it’s what FBI did in the 1st War on Terror and with the Whitmer case, but also because there’s ample evidence they did it here. The media’s indifference is

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) January 11, 2022

Julie Kelly noted that along with Ray Epps, FBI Director Wray was also not mentioned in the report.

However, the names of those who are mentioned multiple times will anger you.

Citations in in J6 report:

Ivanka Trump – 63 times

Cassidy Hutchinson: 185 times

Proud Boys: 218 times

Kayleigh McEnany: 43 times

Chris Wray: zero

Steven D’Antuono: zero

Ray Epps: zero

— Julie Kelly 🇺🇸 (@julie_kelly2) December 23, 2022


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