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So the Russian Incursion in Ukraine Was “Unprovoked”, Eh?


We have been told over and over by unscrupulous journalists and politicians that the Russian special operation that began on February 24, 2022, was “unprovoked.”

By Don Hank

Global Research, April 05, 2023

Don’s Substack 1 April 2023

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Journalists throughout the West repeated ad nauseam that word unprovoked. No journalist dared to write about the Russian incursion without adding that magic descriptor.

It was as if someone were holding a gun to their heads. And the motivation behind this new iron-clad rule of journalism was that the special operation was not unprovoked at all. And to be effective, a lie must be repeated often, just as flowers must be watered daily to make them thrive.

When the US-NATO broke its promise not to move NATO “one inch further east,” that was clearly a provocation.

Shortly after the deal was signed between Russia and the West whereby Russia gave up the Warsaw Pact that had once defended its sovereignty, new NATO members began to spring up around Russia like mushrooms in the forest after a summer rain.

The genocide against Russian speaking civilians in Donbass was also a provocation.

The West knew that the Constitution of the Russian Federation calls on the RF to defend groups of Russians anywhere who are attacked militarily.

And, in a deliberate provocation, the US-installed Kiev regime started attacking civilians areas in the Russian-speaking Donbass and murdering ethnic Russians.

The genocide against Donbass civilians started in 2014–15 when the US-controlled Kiev regime bombed Donbass civilians from the air. It was no duel because no one was shooting back at the bombers.

As a Russian speaker and aficionado of all things Russian, I started reading Russian-language blogs by activists in Donbass in 2014 and viewing videos of aerial bombings of civilian areas.

It can only be called a systematic genocide, although the reports from there portrayed the action as a war, with pro-Russians and Russian allies dueling with their Ukrainian counterparts.

The first videos I was watching were of aerial bombings from Ukrainian army jets and the targets were residential areas.

There were numerous such videos on YouTube, but they have all all been deleted in the meantime. All that I could find was one photograph of the carnage and devastation, but it tells the story eloquently: see this.

Within a few months, the Kiev government stopped the bombing and switched to artillery shelling of Donbass.

We know today that many or most of the shells were coming from the area of Avdeevka (Avdiivka in Ukrainian), a highly fortified stronghold with massive underground bunkers. The Wagner groups are currently fighting there and are making headway. The going is slow because the fighting is from building to building.

After over a year of the Russian campaign, the culprits of the Donbass genocide are starting to be defeated.

For those victims of Western propaganda who find it difficult to imagine that the Russian special op was provoked, I invite you to browse among the following videos of the undeniable provocation that you’re not supposed to believe in.

Herein below are videos from 4 different Westerners who ventured into Donbass during what I rightfully call the Ukrainian genocide, and said videos clearly illustrate my point:

Christelle Néante: Shelling of Donbass (Sakhanka) by Ukraine army, June 7-10, 2018

OSCE disinterested, didn’t listen to victims

Graham Phillips in Donetsk before war (you can surf the video if you don’t have a lot of time)

Anna Lipp charged with crime of telling the truth

In each video below, showing homes damaged and destroyed, Patrick Lancaster asks residents where the shelling came from and in each case, they tell him it came from the Ukraine side.

He also always asks his interlocutors whether there are any military installations in the shelled area, and they say there are none. The camera then pans to show that the area is indeed residential and that there are no military facilities there. This questioning is necessary because since the beginning of these attacks by Ukraine on Donbass, the Kiev government and the US news outlets have been clearly lying, asserting that this was a war, with the militaries of each side, Ukraine and Russian, exchanging fire (thanks to the media cover-up, most Westerners still believe this fable). Patrick’s videos clearly show that these reports are simply lies, invented by the Kiev regime and passed on to the US msm, which regurgitate the lies to the Western audiences.

These lies are criminal because they have led to the current war in Ukraine and have misled the public into believing the Russian incursion into Ukraine was an “unprovoked” invasion.

Further, this disinformation in the minds of the Western people prepares them to accept the Russophobic war mentality and willingly accept the donation of astronomically priced arms shipments. This in turn leads the world perilously close to a nuclear exchange.

Patrick Lancaster in Donbass, before the Russian special operation (May 30, 2020)

Patrick Lancaster, 6 years ago, Ukraine shells, burns down 3 homes in residential area of Donbass

Patrick Lancaster, 6 years ago, Ukraine shells home in residential area in Donbass

Patrick Lancaster, Feb 21, 2022, attack on school

Chart showing increase in shelling of Donbass by Ukraine, which led Putin to order the special military operation.


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