Sunday, June 4, 2023

There’s no bigger bomb that any enemy can drop on the USA today than the one that our own political leaders just dropped ON THIS PAST MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!


Via State of the Nation

Think About It

Really, the utterly treasonous Uniparty is pushing for a $4 trillion increase to the existing $31 trillion+ federal debt burden?!?!

For folks who are not yet aware, POTUS Imposter Joe Biden and super RINO Speaker Kevin McCarthy are staging the most important Kabuki Theater show of their patently fraudulent political careers.  They are both, along with a very large supporting cast of traitors in Congress and elsewjere, cunningly colluding behind the backs of both the Right and the Left.

Both of these Kabuki clowns — Biden & McCarthy — are working very closely (but obviously in secret) to deliberately deceive the American people regarding the inevitable debt default disaster.  Of course, they’re also collaborating with the likes of Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen (the woman who only knows how to “cry wolf”) to kick the can down the road yet again.  In so doing, these three traitors have knowingly and willfully guaranteed an even bigger financial catastrophe for the U.S. Corporation, the bankruptcy of which will plunge the United States into Third World conditions.

In point of fact, every single major player in this rapidly unfolding tragedy has been quite purposefully typecast and positioned over the course of their criminal careers to play their current cataclysmic role.  For example, this is why the Khazarian Cabal criminally installed Biden in the White House; they know he will betray the U.S. citizenry as no other POTUS in history.  Same goes for the deceptively treacherous Kevin McCarthy; all he does his betray the many conservative causes of the House Freedom Caucus which is why his tumultuous election was turned into such an unprecedented rejection circus.  As for Janet Yellen, just listen to her for 5 seconds to apprehend the shocking level of unrelenting perfidy, prevarication and chicanery that she employs during each and every congressional hearing.

Here are the Irish-American bad actors Biden and McCarthy being stage-managed by their Khazarian handler Chuck Schumer.

Notice how these Three Amigos have conspired to add $4 trillion dollars to the federal debt limit lasting until January of 2025 so that Biden will be free and clear of the fiscal calamity that his Khazarian-infested administration is triggering.  You can bet that whoever is installed in the Oval Office at that time will be a ‘bankruptcy expert’ like Trump; and that the most culpable Democrats and RINOs will be no where near the biggest crime scene in recorded history.

The key point here is that the new $35 trillion debt burden is being intentionally created for two primary reasons: (i) to maximize the federal debt to such an inordinate level that the United States government will be compelled to go into default and (ii) to provide more time for the Khazarian Mafia to steal another $4 trillion dollars from American taxpayers.

Certainly there are many other nefarious objectives for carrying out this BIGGEST heist in world history, but these are just a couple.  Were the American people to understand the true reasons for so much graft and outright misappropriation of funds from the US Treasury, they would burn down the House in a D.C. flash.

More significantly, were the people to understand that the same stolen funds were used to kill and injure, incapacitate and debilitate them, they would storm the Capitol with torches and pitchforks in hand.  For example, the COVID-19 Plandemic, as well as the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda, have already proven that the US government spent hundreds of billions of dollars to conduct a naked genocide against the American people.

How’s that, folks?!?!  We have all been paying for our own mass torture and mass murder.  And the Khazarian perps are still stealing US blind to fund their next mass extermination of the populace.

— The Armchair Political Analyst