Sunday, May 3, 2020

Letter from Thailand


Guest Post by Thaisleeze

This covid scenario is doing my head in, to use a modern day term. The direction my thoughts are taking these days give me cause for concern for my sanity, or more correctly, would give some others cause to worry.

Hypothetically, if there were a group of world leaders who shared a common philosophy that aimed at a ‘one world order’ with corporations edging national sovereignty aside, this virus is doing a great job of furthering their aims. Again hypothetically, if such a group exists, they have many forums, some secret, to debate and plan. In no particular order there is Davos, Bilderberg, Council of Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission for starters, all of which featured a member of the Rothschild family in their founding.

At the political level there has been the European Community (Macron is a former Rothschild banker) whose policies confound most right thinking folk. Closely aligned with them are the Labour Party of Bliar, the Democrats since Willy Clinton, and most of current Australian, New Zealand and Canadian politics. Add to this countless think tanks and institutions who all seem to have one thing in common; they receive funding from the same sources. Cream on the top, the five eyes intelligence crews. Kissinger as Chairman?

Factually, we see the internet monopolies acting quite shockingly in terms of what opinion and news can be disseminated. Highly qualified medical folk are being blocked and censored at the same time they announce that the WHO are the only group to be believed when they are clearly ineffectual and on the Chinese team. The five eyes legacy media are on board too. Just today my daily check of all their home pages (takes me an hour a day) tells me they are still trying to scare the sh*t out of people and exaggerating the deaths in the UK and USA.

Oregon, a state with more deaths from ingrowing toenails than from covid, is by decree of the Democrat governor, shut down until July 6th. No doubt in my mind there are people in the five eyes countries who want to have a mega economic depression. Curious too how suddenly so many five eyes meat packing plants have to close with a week or two of each other.

Crucially, the virus has kept the Deep State civil war in America out of the news. The intensity of this fight has been growing fast with evidence being dripped out consistently for the past 3 months. Even to the extent that there is now documentary evidence from the Obama administration era that implies Obama himself was directing the efforts to scuttle Trump from the moment he appeared to be a shoe-in for the Republican nomination in 2015.

Such was their confidence in bringing him down and installing Killary they did not start to panic and cover their trails until after the election and even harbored hopes of stopping his inauguration going ahead. The Orange Man team is going to unleash a string of indictments unprecedented in American history. Judicial Watch has had some astounding successes and it seems 90% certain they now have Killary in a position where she will have to give evidence in court, under oath, about her 30,000 missing emails.

Any intelligent human who has taken time to investigate 9/11 now knows that the 3 towers were brought down by controlled thermite demolitions. The Patriot Act that passed into law in response, introduced within 2 weeks of the attack, is proven to have been already written and opened the door to all the programs Snowden exposed. If over 3,000 lives were an acceptable cost in 2001 are the current losses also acceptable, especially as they are predominantly old, poor, colored etc? As an aside, check out the father of Bill Gates, eugenicist extraordinaire.

Pulling it all together I am coming around to the possibility I aired somewhat tongue in cheek when the virus first appeared, that it is a planned Deep State event. They knew a year ago that the financial system was living on borrowed time. They also knew of the plan by Trump and his team to expose their treason.

Yes, he is a fool, but a fool who won by the rules, their rules, and that meant the 8 years they had penciled in for Killary, working in the corporatist camp, went up in smoke. In the meantime they have grabbed powers at all levels that are unlikely to be fully rescinded when the dust settles. Big corporations come out big winners post-virus, much of their smaller competition killed off or handicapped, Virgin Australia being the best example so far but already there are plenty of others.

China was the perfect patsy. Meanwhile Killary is standing by hoping for the call after Joe bows ungracefully out.

All in all we are quite happy here in boring old Thailand (who I now believe to have done a good job and with limited figure fudging), especially as the booze sale ban was lifted today….guess who is tying one on later 🙂