Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Media's manipulative COVID body count



By Michael Schisler

The national liberal media is 100% guilty of trafficking in COVID-19 fear porn. What is fear porn you ask? It's the intentional act of imbedding disingenuous messages within real facts.

What we are witnessing is a resurrection of the Vietnam War era media practice of broadcasting body counts on a daily basis. But now it's being done with a few twists designed to drive a radical left-wing agenda. During the Vietnam War, the media broadcast daily body counts to terrorize the enemy. Today they broadcast daily body counts in order to terrorize Americans.

While the typical American seeks solid information concerning the safety of reopening our businesses and schools, the liberal media feed us unqualified raw body counts. They are fully aware that raw body counts with absolutely no qualifying information terrorizes the American populace, which is exactly why they are doing it. They see that trafficking in fear porn has worked.

They are also fully aware that CDC statistics reveal that 92.5% of all fatalities involving COVID-19 are in the age group 55 and older. And within that group of fatalities, some 90% suffered significant comorbidity, meaning they suffered other significant health issues that compromised their ability to fight COVID-19. This is the qualifying information that lets us understand what the body counts are really telling us. But the liberal media hide this information.

With this qualifying information, we see that the true threat to our nation's prime workforce stands at an astoundingly low .006%, according to CDC data extrapolated to estimate year end numbers for 2020. Add in older workers ages 56-65, and the threat rises to .01%. Make things twice as bad as they are now, and it rises to .02%.

These are not workforce numbers that are going to terrorize anyone. In fact, the 2020 year-end raw count for the nation's prime workforce, students and newborn through preschoolers combined is not even 10% of the body count numbers the left-wing media bombard us with daily. But the liberal media hide this qualifying information from us.

What the qualifying information also tells us is that we have elected politicians who are incapable of processing basic facts in a rational way. Case in point: The earliest data out of China (January 2020) revealed that the older population is disproportionately threatened by COVID-19, and all subsequent data from the CDC has shown exactly the same thing. In response to this data, some of our elected politicians crafted policies that actually exposed the elderly population to COVID-19 instead of shielding them from the disease. And now it comes out that one of them actually granted legal immunity to assisted-living facilities in his state before issuing his order for those facilities to house COVID-19-positive residents.

Why he did this is anyone's guess, and I'll leave it to others to speculate. But what is clear is that the liberal media's Vietnam War era practice of broadcasting daily body counts and terrorizing the American populace is also designed to obfuscate what very well may constitute criminal negligence on the part of certain elected officials.

Fortunately, most of America now sees through what the liberal media are doing. We see through the fear porn they are trafficking. More and more people are citing CDC data that show what the actual threats of COVID-19 are. And more and more Americans see the incompetence of elected officials that crafted policies to expose the older generations to COVID-19.

Fortunately, we have an election this fall where Americans can summarily reject these politicians. And in so doing, America will also reject COVID-19 fear porn and those who traffic it.

Michael Schisler is recently retired from a long career of analyzing, designing and constructing large-scale data systems for the energy sector. Data analysis and interpretation is one aspect of his accumulated knowledge that he has chosen to put to use in various subject matter projects such as this one.


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