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The Narrative Pandemic



OK, I don’t like conspiracy theories and if people were always open and above-board in what they’re doing and told the truth, we would have enterprise facts instead of conspiracy theories.

As far as COVID-19, well, I want to give the establishment a plausible excuse, so maybe they did what they did because they just wanted to save us from ourselves. But – – –

In a previous article, “Truth, Conspiracy, or SNAFU —YOU Decide“, we established that, violating this science – – –

“…the mistake is being made worldwide to report virus-related deaths as soon as it is established that the virus was present at the time of death — regardless of other factors. This violates a basic principle of infectiology: only when it is certain that an agent has played a significant role in the disease or death may [that] diagnosis be made. ” –thoroughly credentialed infectiologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi in his letter to German Prime Minister, Angela Merkel

- – – the CDC/WHO amalgam seriously exaggerated the number of deaths blamed on COVID-19 by the simple expedient of jiggering their own long-established reporting guidelines. Violating the above science, “it” told the entire world-wide medical establishment to illegitimatly list anyone dying as a COVID-19 death soley because assumed, presumed, probable, suspected or tested COVID-19 was present, resulting in these confessions – – –

The city [New York] has added more than 3,700 additional people who were presumed to have died of the coronavirus but had never tested positive. …The C.D.C., in its guidance to local governments, has recommended that cases of “assumed” coronavirus infection be noted on death certificates since before New York City recorded its first death on March 14. –N.Y.C. Death Toll Soars Past 10,000 in Revised Virus Count – The New York Times [emphasis added]

Dr. Scott Jensen, a Minnesota physician and Republican state senator said he received a 7-page document coaching him to fill out death certificates with a COVID-19 diagnosis without a lab test to confirm the patient actually had the virus. –MN Senator and Dr. Reveals HHS Document Coached Him on How to Overcount COVID-19 Cases

… and from Trump-team star and “scarf lady” Dr. Deborah Birx – – –

“We’ve taken a very liberal approach to mortality.”…”If someone dies with COVID-19, we are counting that as a COVID-19 death,” Birx said. –Dr. Birx Confirms Anyone Who Dies WITH Coronavirus, Regardless of Any Underlying Health Condition, is Being Counted as a COVID-19 Death

… and from Italy – – –

“The way in which we code deaths in our country is very generous in the sense that all the people who die in hospitals with the coronavirus are deemed to be dying of the coronavirus.” –Professor Walter Ricciardi, scientific adviser to Italy’s minister of health, telegraph.co.uk

And we have these estimates of how exaggerated the official jiggered COVID-19 death numbers are as a result – – –

More than 60% of fatalities of people suspected of having contracted Covid-19 [in Russia] are not classified as coronavirus deaths because they occurred ‘from clearly other causes“… “autopsies are performed in all suspected cases.–Bloomberg

Those “clearly other causes” are things like stroke, heart attack, etc. and are usually called “pre-morbidities” or “co-morbidities.

On re-evaluation by the [Italian] National Institute of Health, only 12 per cent of [coronavirus] death certificates have shown a direct causality from coronavirus” [Professor Walter Ricciardi, scientific adviser to Italy’s minister of health] says. –telegraph.co.uk     

“Had the CDC used its industry standard, Medical Examiners’ and Coroners’ Handbook on Death Registration and Fetal Death Reporting Revision 2003, as it has for all other causes of death for the last 17 years, the COVID-19 fatality count would be approximately 90.2% lower than it currently is.” [source] and a tip-o-the-hat to Jon Rappaport

In other words, CDC, for the first and only time in 17 years, broke with the ages-old scientific Koch infectiology tradition and, violating its own rules, told the entire world-wide medical establishment to illegitimatly list anyone dying with — not from — assumed, presumed, probable, etc. COVID-19 as a COVID-19 death. The result is an approximately 10x (10 times) exaggeration of the actual COVID-19 deaths.

Doctors Birx and Fauci — particularly Dr.Fauci having been in the infectious disease business for most of his career — simply cannot claim to be ignorant of this blatantly dishonest and over-the-top exaggeration. Why are they knowingly presiding over this grotesque scientific aberration instead of exposing it?

So it’s completely clear, it’s not the virus pandemic we have to worry about, it’s the Narrative Pandemic.

Still, while the statistical truism that “correlation does not imply causation” obviously applies, if COVID-19 isn’t responsible, why does it keep mysteriously showing up correlated with all these co-morbidities, cases and deaths?

The biggest and most obvious part of the answer is that the C.D.C.-W.H.O. guidelines specifically instructed the world-wide medical establishment to illegitimately create that correlation with incorrect and misleading record keeping and reporting. And in some cases, gave cash incentives for doing it.

In fact, as John Rappoport hypothesizes, there’s an outside possibility that the dangers of COVID-19 may be mostly a statistical artifact produced by the fake statistics connecting it to the real killers, the co-morbidities.

Why would the world-wide elitist establishment do that?

Well, to give them at least a limited-hang-out excuse, they might claim they were afraid “we” wouldn’t take their warnings seriously if they didn’t wildly exaggerate things.

On the other hand, there’s the suggestion that this was their answer — for those willing to kill hundreds of millions, mostly by starvation — to perceived over-population and CO˛ emissions.

And of course, there’s always SNAFU – – –

For perspective, what would happen if the world-wide health establishment had exactly followed those same illegitimate C.D.C./W.H.O. reporting guidelines for COVID-19 deaths but were told to apply them to anyone dying WITH the common cold instead?

Just as the fake numbers tell us we’re having a COVID-19 pandemic, the fake numbers would tell us we’re having a Common Cold pandemic instead.

And the narrative would look something like this – – –

Trump-team star Birx would say, …”If someone dies with the common cold, we are counting that as a common cold death.

Prof. Ricciardi would say, “…all the people who die in hospitals with the common cold are deemed to be dying of the common cold.

And Dr. Jensen — and a bunch of other doctors — would recognize that something is seriously wrong pointing out “a common cold” diagnosis instead of a COVID-19 diagnosis in that 7-page document.

Suddenly the number of folks with “Common Cold” on their death certificates begins to balloon and is reported — except approximately 90% of them are dying from “clearly other causes,” those “pre-morbidities” or “co-morbidities,” remember.

Folks would say, “Look at all the people dying WITH the common cold. That must be what’s killing them.” And, “What do you mean the common cold isn’t that serious, people are dying!” And they’d say, “What do you mean it isn’t the cold that’s killing them — just look at the statistics!! They all have colds!!

And just as with COVID-19, there would be all sorts of serious diseases and their serious symptoms correlated with the common cold meme by the dishonest record keeping: Pneumonia, heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, etc., but those aren’t from the cold or COVID-19, present or not. They’re the co-morbidities that are doing the killing.

Except maybe folks wouldn’t believe you because most folks have actually had common colds. So maybe you add “novel” to “common cold virus” and hype the heck out of that meme.

You could substitute any common malady for “common cold,” and, using the same dishonest CDC/WHO reporting ploy, you’d get a “pandemic” as the result.

Yes, it’s THAT simple. AND that stupid.

So the New York Times article would read, “The C.D.C., in its guidance to local governments, has recommended ‘that cases of ‘assumed’ common cold infection be noted on death certificates since before New York City recorded its first death on March 14,” and we’d be off to the Common Cold Pandemic races instead of the COVID-19 Pandemic races — complete with masks, social distancing, lock-downs and economy destruction!


There is one other intriguing possibility in the form of two “co-morbidities” that are rarely recognized and almost never mentioned because it’s more convenient — and “politick” — to blame them on COVID-19.

The first is “politician.” No, I’m not kidding.

Keep in mind that approximately half of all world-wide deaths blamed on COVID-19 happened in extended care facilities.

What’s that have to do with “politician” as a co-morbidity?

See, New York governor Cuomo insisted on putting known COVID-19 patients in personal care-homes amongst the vulnerable elderly. Like this:

[New York] Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo continued to defend his decision to place recovering COVID-19 patients into nursing homes, even though it brought him some “political heat,” he admitted on Sunday. Cuomo defends decision to put COVID-19 patients in nursing homes | Newsday

New Jersey governor Phil Murphy emulated Cuomo and Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf did the same, leading to this question at one of Wolf’s media events:

~”70% of COVID-19 fatalities in Pennsylvania are from nursing homes and personal care homes. What are your plans to deal with this?” –question to Rachel Levine, PA Sec. of Health, Chanel 4 news, Tuesday, May 12, 2020 2:24 PM,.

The same really stupid policy — unless it was intended to get rid of a lot of older folks who were draining government coffers — was encouraged by a Ł1,000 bounty in the UK and has been laid at BoJo’s (Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s) feet – – -

UK Council gave care homes Ł1000 as ‘cash incentive’ to take in Covid patients.

Hence “Politician” as a co-morbidity. Does this help explain the care-home death toll in the rest of the world too?

The second rarely mentioned co-morbidity is “hospital.

You enter a hospital with one malady but die from an in-hospital screw-up of some sort or a disease you get while there instead. That’s called iatrogenic death. If it doesn’t kill you, it’s an iatrogenic illness.

Even before this COVID-19 fiasco, hospital” was the third leading cause of death in the U.S.

In an article the FTC coerced him into taking down — Dr. David Brownstein, MD explained that “Hospitals receive …up to $13,000 from the Government for an admission diagnosis of COVID,” and “if the patient is ventilated, they receive up to $39,000.

I can guarantee you that hospital administrators are running around telling every physician and resident physician to diagnosis COVID at the first cough or sneeze,” Dr. Brownstein suggests.

So, besides possibly treating folks for COVID-19 instead of for the co-morbidities they were there for, in addition — maybe to get the bounty — did they also hospitalize some who, fearing for their lives because of the narrative, wouldn’t have otherwise been hospitalized? If so, this would needlessly expose them to “hospital.”

Were there additional COVID-19-fiasco-related hospital screw-ups and deaths?

Here’s a clue – – –

~”If you were ventilated at the beginning of the pandemic, you had an 80 or 90 percent chance of dying, now you have an 80% chance of recovering.” –Dr. William Haseltine, President, Access Health International, Author “A Family Guide to Covid,” Bloomberg, Tuesday, June 16, 2020 2:50 PM

Accepting Dr. Haseltine’s numbers and doing the math, at the beginning of the “pandemic,” at least eight of ten ventilated patients died when, by best practices later on, only two of ten died. That means that six of ten early-on ventilated patients didn’t die of COVID-19 — or whatever — they died because they were ventilated and/or incorrectly ventilated, classic cases of iatrogenic death.

How many death certificates do you suppose actually reported it that way?

And how many folks were put on ventilators, partially at least to collect that $39,000? Does that implicate “politician” as a co-morbibity again?

Further, instead of ventilation, “best practices” in large numbers of patients was actually a practice called proning, much safer with better outcomes than ventilating but without the $39,000 and so far practiced in only a few hospitals.

Factoring that oversight into the death figures would obviously increase the iatrogenic — and overall — “hospital” (as opposed to COVID-19) co-morbidity death toll. Maybe someone will eventually do the research and math to get a solid figure.

Were there still other political and medical system screw-ups that ended up with COVID-19 on the death certificate instead?

Three whistle-blowing nurses verify over-ventilation — and bring a few other troubling modern hospital issues to light here: Misconduct in NY hospitals–three nurses speak out!

Most troubling is the apparent consensus among those nurses that when you go into a hospital, “pandemic” or not, you should take an “advocate” with you.

So care-home deaths due to politicians housing COVID-19 patients in them, unnecessary bounty-driven hospitalizations that ended in death, ventialting patients rather than proning them and ventilating patients outside of later-discovered best practices added to all those other co-morbidities reflexively blamed on the virus would all reduce the approximately 10% of deaths more honestly blamed on COVID-19 and not explained by the other more main-stream co-morbidities. How much of that 10% do they explain?

So, hard as it is for some to believe, the take-away is that about 90% of the official deaths blamed on COVID-19 — probably more — are fake news, and so is the so-called “pandemic.

It is in fact, a pandemic created by fake numbers and narrative, not by a virus — so we might want to call it a “Narrative-created Pandemic” — and keep a wary eye out for any nefarious follow-ups.

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