Saturday, September 5, 2020

The Tangled Web of Cover Upperers


This is a particularly good video from Amazing Polly, who shows us how IIA contractors, CrowdTangle have been hired by corrupt State Department officials and fake “fact checkers” to stop the spread of news that threatens their global corruption racket.

Launched in 2011, CrowdTangle is a private, invitation-only datamining platform. The Soros-funded NGO, Social Science Research Center (SSRC) is responsible for approving which journalists, academics and researchers are permitted to use CrowdTangle.

Judicial Watch recently received 372 pages of State Department documents from a FOIA request, confirming that the Ukraine Embassy under Marie Yovanovitch used CrowdTangle to illegally monitor Donald Trump, Jr., Rudy Giuliani, and major journalists on social media for their commentary on search terms, including ‘Ukraine’, ‘Biden-Burisma 2020’, ‘Clinton Campaign’ and ‘George Soros’.

Much of the State Department’s corruption in Ukraine was orchestrated by George Soros, who also funds the “journalists” and the “fact-checkers”, who are granted use of the CrowdTangle engine by yet another Soros organization to monitor social media platforms, so they can try to stop the spread of news stories that they don’t like.

Polly says, “So, now, we’re starting to see why it is that when we get a good take on something, when we get a good story that should hopefully open the eyes of all the sleeping people, that very story is the thing they squash immediately, before we even know what’s happened. This is how they do it: CrowdTangle.”

After it was acquired by Facebook, CrowdTangle removed access to the platform from ‘all Department users’ effective October 2019, just as the fake impeachment hearings began. When Yovanovitch was questioned on the issue during the impeachment proceeding in the House, she denied that any illegal monitoring took place.

Polly says, “It’s important to know that all journalism is in support the people who fund them – and the people who fund them are possibly causing the riots; are the ones pushing this vaccine, are the ones with the lockdown narrative. All the same people. And they’re the fact-checkers.”

Alexandra Bruce

Contributed by Alexandra Bruce