Thursday, January 21, 2021

Criminal Deception by Pfizer, Matt Hancock and the NHS on Covid "Vaccines"



Most people would assume that a "Vaccine" would be:

Effective at stopping infection.
Effective at stopping transmission.
Effective at stopping people from becoming serious ill, requiring hospitalisation or dying.
Tested for any adverse side effects  - and the adverse side effects found to be considerably less for the targeted group than the disease being inoculated against.

The Covid "vaccines" are NONE of the above things.

I will deal with the major problems with lack of efficacy first and then deal with the even more major problems of criminal deception and lack of safety second.


In their PR Press Release, Pfizer fraudulently and unscientifically claimed that their "vaccine" was "95% effective".
This was a deliberate act of Criminal Deception and Blatant Fraud.
The Pfizer execs responsible for this announcement and the "regulatory agencies" that approved Emergency Use of the "vaccine" on the back of it should be prosecuted for Criminal Fraud.

"95% effective" only referred to a reduction in mild symptoms.
It did not refer to any reduction in infection, transmission, serious illness, hospitalisations, ICU admissions or deaths.
Any reduction in the rate of  infection, transmission, serious illness, hospitalisations, ICU admissions or deaths are unknown. No data is available from any of the "trials" from any of the vaccine makers to make any assessment on these criteria.

Pfizer's own trial results reveal that Pfizer's "vaccine" only reduced mild symptoms by 19 to 29%, NOT the 95% fraudulently claimed in their deliberately deceptive PR Press Release.
This false claim of being "95% effective" was repeated without question or scientific analysis by the corrupt Mainstream Media and immediately broadcast around the world to a gullible mainstream media audience. The mainstream media, governments and "Public Health" officials are entirely complicit in the fraud.

The claim of being "95% effective" should have been extremely suspicious on its face to every mildly knowledgeable person and Pfizer should have been vigorously questioned on it. Moderna and Astrazeneca should have faced the same vigorous interrogation of their claims too.

At best (real numbers are lower) the flu vaccine is only 10 to 60% effective in reducing flu infections so where did this "sudden and miraculous" improvement with the Covid "vaccine" come from?
In addition scientists and researchers have been trying to produce safe and effective vaccines against other Coronaviruses for the last 20 years without success (see below) so how did they "suddenly and miraculously" succeed for Covid?

Peter Doshi, the Deputy Editor of the British Medical Journal and the exact opposite of a "fringe anti vaxxer" reported on Pfizer's fraudulent claims in the BMJ.
Peter Doshi's analysis was NOT reported in the mainstream media, nor by any government or government "health" official.

Peter Doshi: Pfizer and Moderna’s “95% effective” vaccines—we need more details and the raw data
Pfizer%2Btrial%2Bresults%2Bonly%2B19%252The "vaccine trials", carried out by the vaccine makers, are deliberately designed to be easily rigged to produce false, misleading and biased results.
All you have to do is carry out fewer PCR tests on the vaxxed group, than the unvaxxed control group. Which is how Pfizer (and presumably Moderna) got their fraudulent "95% effective" claim, by the selective use of less than 200 people out of a 43,000 participant trial.
Among the much larger number of non PCR tested people who displayed Covid or flu like symptoms there was only a slight reduction between the vaxxed and unvaxxed groups (as above 19 to 29%).

There are various other easy ways of rigging the results that could have been used to produce more favorable results for the "vaccine". We have no way of determining if, or to what extent, these were used.

For people who display stronger symptoms and are therefore more likely to produce a positive PCR test, test fewer people in the vaxxed group than the unvaxxed group.
Run the PCR test at fewer amplification cycles for the vaxxed group so you get fewer positive tests than the unvaxxed group.
Monitor the vaxxed group less rigorously than the unvaxxed group so more symptoms are reported in the unvaxxed group.

N.B. the criteria for an "infection" or "case" is the highly unreliable and inaccurate PCR test which was never designed to be used for diagnosis and is being deliberately run at far too many amplification cycles (40 to 45 cycles) in the UK, Europe and the US to produce masses of false positives in official government data.
The vaccine makers could choose how many amplification cycles they wanted to run the PCR test at for different people. We have no data to determine what they did.

It has to be stated that NONE of the Covid "vaccine trials" are rigorous scientific experiments designed to produce rigorously accurate scientific results.
They are exercises in deliberately manipulation conducted by the vaccine maker to produce the best possible results for their product, in order to sell it and make a profit.
This applies to every other vaccine or pharmaceutical drug trial, where the efficacy is routinely exaggerated and the adverse side effects are routinely minimized or suppressed.
Trials are ALWAYS funded by the drug maker (and their associates or cronies) and are ALWAYS conducted by "scientists" or "researchers" specifically selected to produce the most favorable result for the drug maker.  If a scientist is unwilling to bend the design of a trial to produce more favorable results the vaccine or pharmaceutical company will choose somebody else who will.

There is very little funding available for truly independent drug trials, or for testing the efficacy of non Big Pharma medications or treatments - there is no profit in it.
The billions of dollars of profits made by large pharmaceutical companies every year would be at severe risk if independent drug trials or trials of non Big Pharma medications or treatments were carried out. So the Big Pharma drug companies spend hundreds of millions every year bribing politicians, government regulatory agencies, government "health" agencies, government bureaucrats, government "scientific advisors", doctors, scientists and the media to prevent it.
Various "Think Tanks" or "non profit charities" such as the Wellcome Foundation or the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation exist purely to lobby for Big Pharma interests and increase their profits.


The deliberate criminal deception being carried out for the purported "safety" of the non safety tested Covid "vaccines" is truly horrific.

The people responsible for this deception should be going to jail for Medical Malpractice, Gross Criminal Negligence, Fraud, Corruption, Violations of Human Rights Laws, Violations of the Nuremberg Code, Crimes Against Humanity and Conspiracy to Commit Mass Murder.

They include Anthony Fauci, the FDA, CDC, NIH, NIAID, Matt Hancock, Chris Whitty, Patrick Vallance, members of SAGE, Nervtag, JCVI, NICE, MHRA, senior NHS managers, senior members of the WHO, the EU's health and regulatory officials, and members of the mainstream Press - particularly "health" editors and correspondents.
These people, government agencies, and "non profits" are all owned and controlled by Bill Gates and Big Pharma interests (see above).

Bill Gates alone has spent billions on bribing the WHO, various government agencies, "scientific advisers" and public officials, various "scientists" and academic organisations such as Neil Ferguson, Imperial College, Peter Horby, Oxford University, John Hopkins and IHME, and numerous mainstream media outlets such as the BBC, the Guardian, the Financial Times, NPR, and NBC.bill%2Bgates%2Bcontagious%2Binfluence%2BFact 1 - NOT safety tested
NONE of the Covid "vaccines" have been safety tested.
It would take at least 5 years to collect the long term safety data necessary to determine the medium and long term adverse side effects of these "vaccines".

Vaccines normally take 5 to 10 years to develop and run trials to collect the safety data necessary to determine the efficacy and any adverse side effects.
The Covid "vaccines" have been rushed out in 5 months.

The "vaccine trials" have been conducted with the fittest and healthiest people aged under 56 the drugs companies could find, plus a handful of the fittest 75 year olds they could find (I've seen some 75 year old marathon runners who are MUCH fitter and healthier than me).
Anyone with any pre-existing conditions, or comorbidities, or had allergies, or was immuno compromised, or was a smoker, or was obese, or had been in hospital for any medical condition in the last 10 years (except for things like broken legs or trauma) was banned from taking part in the "trials".

It is doubtful iyou would have been accepted onto the trial if you were on any long term medication.

As the main at risk groups for Covid are people aged over 70 with comorbities and the obese it is difficult to see how anyone could realistically describe this as a valid "trial".

Fact 2 - mRNA
The highly experimental mRNA technique used in the "vaccines" produced by Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson have never been used on humans before and would take longer than 5 years to assess the numerous and currently completely unknown risks of potential severe adverse side effects.

The mRNA technique is NOT a vaccine in the normally understood sense.
Normal vaccines use some sort of attenuated, partial, or similar virus, plus adjutants, to provoke an immune response and produce immunity.

The mRNA technique injects foreign genetic material directly into all of your cells which hijacks your cells genetic processes to produce copies of the Covid virus spike protein, within your cells.
The spike proteins are then somehow ejected from your cells and are then expected to provoke an antibody response.
NOBODY knows what the long term effects of this meddling with the human body's normal genetic processes are. There has NOT been any long term testing done to find out.

Fact 3 - PEG
All of the mRNA "vaccines" use PEG as a lipid envelope to inject the foreign genetic material into your cells. PEG (Polyethylene Glycol) is known to be associated with provoking allergic reactions in a significant proportion of people and is also associated with causing autoimmune disorders for PEG containing drugs.

Fact 4 - Animal Trials
Animal Trials which could quickly answer or give good indications for at least some of the numerous serious safety concerns have been deliberately avoided. They could have been run in parallel with the human trials. Normally they are done BEFORE any humans are put at risk.

Animal Trials have been deliberately avoided, to AVOID finding serious health problems such as ADE, PEG allergies, autoimmune disorders, brain damage, nerve damage, infertility, mutations, cancer, birth defects in the offspring of vaccinated subjects etc. etc. caused by the "vaccines".

The only very brief animal "trial" was carried out by Astrazeneca on 6 macaques. The 3 vaxxed macaques got just as sick and infectious as the unvaxxed ones when exposed to the Covid virus. Human trials continued on regardless.

Fact 5 - Adverse Side Effects
The risks of severe adverse side effects are being covered up in a deliberate act of Criminal Deception.

This is the list of potential adverse side effects, known to be associated with other vaccines, that the FDA is monitoring for in the mass Human Medical Experiment of the roll out of the highly experimental and non safety tested Covid "vaccines".

While this is the fraudulent and deliberately deceptive list of potential adverse side effects produced by the UK government and NHS in this NHS doc
As you can see ALL of the potential severe adverse side effects have been deliberately omitted from the fraudulent NHS doc:

ADE (antibody disease enhancement, also known as pathogenic priming)
PEG allergies
Autoimmune Disorders
Brain damage
Nerve damage
Encephalitis (swelling of the brain)
Transverse Myelitis and Multiple Sclerosis
Anaphylactic shock
Convulsions / Seizures
Infertility / Miscarriages
Birth Defects
Heart Attacks

The above NHS document is deliberate criminal fraud.
Everyone responsible for its production should be going to jail.

Fact 6 - Criminal Deception on Efficacy, Safety and alternative Treatments
The lack of efficacy of the Covid "vaccines" is being deliberately covered up and lied about. 

From the above NHS guidance doc:
"The coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine is safe and effective. It gives you the best protection against coronavirus."

This is a 100% categorical LIE and a completely fraudulent statement.

Fact 6.1
The Covid "vaccines" are NOT safe. They have NOT been safety tested.
Some of the potential adverse side effects listed above have already been reported such as:

The death of a perfectly healthy 56 year old Miami doctor with no pre-existing medical conditions, who developed the extremely rare autoimmune condition ITP two days after getting the Pfizer jab, causing all his blood platelets to be destroyed.
He died of a stroke two weeks later, despite the doctor immediately recognising the potential seriousness of the blood spots suddenly appearing on his hands, immediately going to hospital and being put in intensive care.
There are multiple reports of uncontrollable full body convulsions with no known cure.

Registered Nurse Shawn Skelton speaks out after suffering full body convulsions from the Moderna "vaccine".

Similar convulsions have been reported for the Pfizer "vaccine".

Woman who suffered convulsions after taking Pfizer Covid jab being screened for permanent neurological damage
There are reports of previously healthy people having seizures and ending up in intensive care


And reports of multi system inflammatory syndrome leading to heart problems and intensive care
multi%2Bsystem%2Binflammatory%2Bsyndrom%Dozens of elderly people have died from fever and other adverse side effects caused by the "vaccine".

So the only people who actually need protection from Covid are dying from the "vaccine".
Norway has now banned elderly people over 80 from being vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine.
Most of the adverse reactions to the Covid "vaccines" are being covered up by the mainstream media.
They are definitely NOT making headline news.
Information on adverse reactions is being censored by Youtube, Facebook and other social Media Platforms.

What can you do if you are injured by the Covid shot?
Fact 6.2 The Covid "Vaccines" are NOT effective.
See the section above on efficacy.
The Pfizer "vaccine" only reduces mild symptoms by 19 to 29%, does not prevent infection or transmission, and has zero proven efficacy at reducing serious illness, hospitalisation or death.

Fact 6.3 The Best Protection Against Covid is NOT the Covid Vaccines
The best protection against Covid-19 is a strong immune system, a healthy diet, plenty of fresh air and exercise.
All of which REDUCE Big Pharma drug profits, reduce the cost of providing Healthcare, and reduce the cost of running the NHS.
So why ISN'T the NHS recommending these simple solutions to protect people from Covid?
A: The NHS works for Big Pharma drug companies directly against the interests of ordinary people.

If Matt Hancock, NICE, PHE, and the NHS were interested in protecting people from Covid and reducing serious illness, hospitalisations and deaths, they would be:-

Recommending everyone take Vitamin D, C and Zinc supplements to strengthen their immune systems.
You need a minimum of 2,000 IU's of D a day to protect yourself from Covid.
Elderly, vulnerable, and obese people or those who are currently deficient will need more.

Prescribing free Vitamin D, C and Zinc supplements to everyone over 65, every Care Home Resident, every hospital patient, every NHS and Care Home worker.

Scrap the counter productive and completely useless mass PCR testing of asymptomatics and "Track and Trace" which are wasting billions and don't stop anyone dying of Covid.

Spend a few million offering and conducting free Vitamin D tests and ensuring everyone has levels above 33 ng/ml and preferably around 50.
This simple step alone would SAVE thousands of lives and billions of pounds in current healthcare costs by preventing 80% of hospitalisations for Covid.
Practically nobody dies of Covid if their D levels are above 33 ng/ml unless they were already dying of something else.covid19%2Bdeath%2Brate%2Bversus%2Bvitami
Correcting the current SEVERE vitamin D deficiency by immediately prescribing 10,000 IU's of D a day to elderly and vulnerable people as recommended by the Royal Society.

Treating outpatients early as soon as symptoms appear with Vitamin D, C and Zinc supplements, Ivermectin and Bromhexine, instead of leaving patients to rot until they either recover by themselves or become so ill they have to be sent to hospital.
Current NHS protocols are Medical Malpractice and Gross Criminal Negligence.

Use the full range of effective Covid treatments for hospitalised patients. All of which Matt Hancock has banned the NHS from using. 

The list of the most effective Covid treatments and preventatives is available in these two articles:

Swiss doctors - On the treatment of covid

Dr Thomas E. Levy, MD: Covid-19. How Can I Cure Thee? Let me count the ways. 

New UK Meta Data Analysis Early outpatient treatment with Ivermectin+Zinc cuts hospitalisations & deaths by 80-90% 

Large recent clinical trial of Ivermectin in Brazil - Deaths were cut by 90%
Best Covid Treatment To Date By Far! Ivermectin + Doxycycline + Zinc shows astonishing results in new clinical studies, cutting hospitalisations & deaths by 90% 

Train NHS doctors and nurses in the best preventions and treatments for flu like infectious diseases.
Almost all of them are currently completely clueless.

Using the above treatments and preventions would cut Covid hospitalisations and deaths by at least 90%.
But Matt Hancock, Bill Gates, Big Pharma, the vaccine makers and their cronies are NOT interested in cutting the death toll.

N.B. Everyone should have been advised to take Vitamin D, C and Zinc supplements from February 2020 and get as much sun as possible in April to boost their D levels - as I did.
The fact that Matt Hancock, Whitty, Vallance, SAGE, NICE, PHE, senior NHS managers, the BBC and mainstream media "health" correspondents did NOT do this, proves that they are all completely incompetent, corrupt, or both, and ALL of them need to be FIRED.
Most of them need to be JAILED for the rest of their lives.

Fact 6.4
There are many other lies and criminal deceptions in the above NHS "guidance on Covid" - I won't go through them all but the following statement:

"There's no evidence the COVID-19 vaccine is unsafe if you're pregnant. But more evidence is needed before you can be routinely offered the vaccine."

Should read:

"There's no evidence the Covid vaccines are safe in pregnancy because they haven't been tested on pregnant women. There are significant unanswered safety concerns on placenta formation, so you should avoid getting the Covid jab if you are pregnant or intending to become pregnant in the future.
Boost your Vitamin D, C and Zinc levels to protect yourself and your unborn child from Covid.

There is also no evidence the vaccines are safe for lactating women and what effect they might have on breastfeeding babies, so again you should avoid the vaccines and strengthen your immune system with a healthy diet and vitamin supplements.

There is a near zero risk of becoming seriously ill from Covid if you are reasonably fit and healthy and under 50.
The Covid vaccines are NOT recommended for any woman of child bearing age."

Fact 7 - Lack of Benefits
For anyone reasonably fit and healthy and under 70 the risks from Covid are vanishingly small.
These risks can be further reduced by 90% with adequate levels of Vitamin D, C and Zinc, early treatment with Ivermectin+Zinc and Bromhexine, and the use of best treatments for hospitalised patients.

The risks to relatively healthy people under 70 from the Covid "vaccines" greatly outweigh the risks from Covid-19.
The relative risk to people over 70 and those with pre-existing comorbidities or autoimmune conditions should be assessed according to the circumstances of the individual patient.

Even for people over 80 the risk of the "vaccine" may well be greater than from the virus - many elderly people have been reported dying immediately after getting the jab and they would have been much better off by taking Vitamin D, C and Zinc supplements. They wouldn't have died from the side effects of the vaccine.

The risk from Covid has ALWAYS been exaggerated and the best ways to protect yourself have always been SUPPRESSED in order to stoke the fear factor and get people to accept the dangerously rushed, non safety tested and probably ineffective "vaccines".

Are you in the 99.99%?

Almost NOBODY would be volunteering to take a dangerously untested and ineffective, highly experimental, new drug with completely unknown medium and long term adverse side effects, for a disease with a 99.9%+ survival rate, if they hadn't been scared sh*tless and brainwashed by relentless disinfo propaganda and constant 24/7 Fear Porn on the TV for nearly a year.

And before anyone says this is a "vaccine" and not a "drug", vaccines are given to healthy people so the standard of safety and efficacy should be much higher not lower than an experimental new drug intended to treat people who are already ill.

Fact 8 Informed Consent
Informed Consent is NOT being obtained for any of the Covid "vaccines".
Informed Consent requires the patient to be fully informed about the risks and benefits of any proposed treatment.

The lack of benefit, lack of efficacy, risk of severe adverse side effects, and alternative treatments are being DELIBERATELY covered up for the Covid "vaccines".

Not obtaining Informed Consent violates Human Rights Law, the 1947 Nuremberg Code and where mass violations occur (as in the Covid Mass Vaccination programs) constitute a prima facie case of a Crime Against Humanity.

Everyone promoting or responsible for administering the Covid "vaccines" should be going to JAIL.
This includes Matt Hancock, Whitty, Vallance, SAGE, MHRA, NICE, senior NHS managers and the media.
The equivalents in the US - Fauci, Birx, Redfield, FDA, CDC, NIH, NIAID, Joe Biden, State Governors and State "Health" officials should also be going to jail.
As should many people in other countries, senior members of the WHO, and Bill Gates.

The above screenshot is taken from the information provided by the UK Medical Freedom Alliance at this link:

Appendix - Further Information on the Covid "Vaccines"

1. Simone Gold and America's Frontline Doctors

Simone Gold's excellent December presentation on the lack of benefits and substantial risks of the "vaccines" and effective alternative treatments for Covid-19.
"We must stop large Corporate CEO's forcing Experimental Biological Agents on everyone."

This got hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube before - guess what?
Youtube banned it for telling the truth
Now available here:

And here

Servers are busy - videos take time to load.

Great information from the UK Medical Freedom Alliance on the lack of benefits and substantial risks of the mass Covid vaccination program and the potential adverse side effects of the vaccines that are being completely ignored by the government.

Members of this alliance include Dr Malcolm Kendrick who has written great articles on his blog about
Covid since April.

3. What Vaccine Trials?

Great analysis on the massive deceptions, disinfo propaganda, and statistical manipulation being used to sell the "vaccines" and the woeful lack of meaningful testing.

There are no completed trials for Covid "Vaccines".
Trial data is not expected to be published until LATE 2022, when the trial completes. This will still only mean 2 years of safety data being collected when normally new vaccines are not approved until at least 5 years of safety data has been collected.
"Nobody knows what adverse side effects might show up 2 or 4 years down the line." Astrazeneca's CEO on why he was demanding Immunity From Liability for any damages caused by the Covid "vaccines".

"If you decide to have Pfizer and BioNTechs experimental mRNA-based BNT162b2 (BNT) vaccine, or any other claimed COVID 19 vaccine for that matter, you are a test subject in a human drug trial."