Sunday, February 28, 2021

Sowing and Reaping: The Mechanism of Life


Guest Post by Freed Radical

This is not an article about current events, but about all events. I’ve been wanting to write this article for years, for it discloses the mechanism of the destruction that comes from so many sources, from communist ideology, to liberalism, to critical race theory, to cancel culture, to elitism and the oligarchy, to corrupt government, to the welfare state, and most everything else of a deathly nature. We’re going to discuss sowing and reaping, and exactly why so many people don’t understand its impact as a fundamental law of the universe.

You and I, as conservatives who have held jobs, understand what sowing and reaping is. If you sow good things in your life, you will reap good things in the main. If you sow bad things, you will reap bad things. Duh. And what other people sow affects what we reap, to some extent. But there are loads of people who were never taught this principle, and they live oblivious to the reason their lives suck.

This principle applies to every area of life. Mothers and fathers (an outmoded patriarchal concept) understand that if you want to reap good children, you have to be good parents. Farmers understand it literally, that it takes good seed sown correctly to produce a good crop. Scientists even understand it, knowing that if you want to reap good results from an experiment you have to sow proper design and operation of your setup.

On the other side of the ledger, we’ve all known people who bought cars and drove them until the engine seized up. “Motor oil? What is that?” Yep, sow motor oil into your engine, reap 200K miles. Who doesn’t know that? My old Chevy Vega did not run 200K miles, but it sure used a lot of oil! Never, ever sow a sleeveless aluminum engine block.

The big gotcha regarding sowing and reaping, the thing that confuses people, is that there is usually a sizable delay between the sowing and the reaping. Farmers again understand this literally. Plant the seed in the spring, pray for rain, but not too much rain, and wait for the harvest in the fall.

The big delay really buffaloes the gullible. For example, affirmative action. When a person takes advantage of affirmative action programs and gets a head start over people who are actually more competent, they get used to the lighter load and easier grading scale, over the course of years. But then when they get into the real world where there is no affirmative action, where it’s dog eat dog, they have a rude awakening when they are slapped down for poor performance. The sowing of less work at the beginning of life reaps huge disadvantages later in life, and they cry “unfair!”

The premature aging complex really slams a lot of unwed mothers. Some make the same mistake over and over. God ordained two parents per child for a reason. You see her in the mall at age 35, pushing a stroller with four other kids in tow, baby daddys all gone, looking like she is 50. She looks in the mirror and all those years come smashing down on her all at once. Sowing and reaping, baby.

I went to high school with a bunch of potheads, and today they are living in trailers and looking for their government check so they can afford food, because they spent their last bit of cash on a bag of dope. Sow brain damage, man, reap poverty.

Smoking also produces a wicked delayed reaping. I’ve watched two relatives who were smokers die, and their last days were hideous. We just lost Rush to lung cancer, perhaps from smoking. We need a video channel dedicated to the last 24 hours of smokers’ lives. Brutal. If you are a conservative, please quit. Another relative quit 20+ years before passing, and his last breaths were easy. Your lungs can heal. Sow healing.

The government plays the sowing and reaping delay for all they can get. Look at each and every economic activity, program, and appropriation and you will see sowing of total irresponsibility, and much later the reaping of the total economic destruction of an entire nation. The Federal Reserve Act, the federal income tax, the great society programs, what could go wrong? When we go down, we’re taking the whole world with us. During the intervening delay they sucker the population with promises of prosperity! What bubble?

I know some readers don’t like Bible verses, but I’ll tell you what, human nature has not changed, ever, and there is a load of wisdom in the Bible, even for atheists. Archaeologists dig up fossil skulls with holes in them from violent deaths. Don’t tell me humanity is improving, we just have the Internet to express our evil more efficiently than the cave men did. HerGalatians 6:7 “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.”e’s my favorite verse about sowing and reaping, from the first century, A.D.:

Galatians 6:7 “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.”

When we deny the reality of sowing and reaping, we first deceive ourselves, like the NPC morons in the cartoon thinking that they can just ignore gravity. This happens a lot in groups, and liberal group think today deceives millions; they even have their own television networks! The fall is way fun, but the sudden stop at the bottom is a killer. Denying sowing and reaping is also mocking God. Briefly, God does not like to be mocked. He actively enforces sowing and reaping. He designed it. Ouch.

What to do? Teach your children about sowing and reaping. Even your adult children. Actions have consequences. Thoughts have consequences! Explore real life situations with them. Certainly they can give you examples of their friends’ actions reaping good and bad consequences. Understanding the delay between sowing and reaping is key, but once you have a handle on that you can use it to your advantage, as with investing. Well, you could use investing before our economy and currency were destroyed. Except for GameStop!

Teach your children the meaning of life. What’s the meaning of life? Whatever meaning you put into it! Also teach them the mechanism of life: Sowing and reaping. It’s how life works.

Conservative, sowing and reaping is one of our most powerful allies. Make it work to your benefit, setting you up well for the future. Prepare for the difficulties to come in our nation and world. Live free, as one of the Free People of America.

Sowing and reaping is also the ultimate tool of death against communism, socialism, and liberalism. We need do nothing for the idiots to reap the destruction they have banked. They are asking for it! They kick the can down the road and every kick multiplies their failure. Every stimulus bill seals their fate. Every dollar you don’t spend at and every product you don’t buy from China and Starbucks accelerates liberals on the negative Z axis! Wheeee!!

Just watch out or some idiot liberal might fall on you. Step smartly out of the way. Eyes to the sky!

Vivat gravitatis!