Saturday, July 17, 2021

Purdue punishes students who don't get vaccine



(TODD STARNES) – While Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, is allowing students to decide whether to get vaccinated against COVID-19, those who choose not to get the shot ”will need to make their own arrangements” to complete work outside of the classroom, university President Mitch Daniels said Wednesday in a televised interview.

”Those who choose not to be vaccinated will need to make their own arrangements as they would in any other year with any other disease to, first of all, stay out of class, stay away from infecting others, and they’ll have to do their best to keep up with their studies,” Daniels, who is also a former Indiana governor, said in an interview on CNN. ”No special arrangements will be made for them.”

Daniels said the university is promoting the vaccines ”in every way they can” and that the experience there makes the school confident in their efficacy, ”more than controlled clinical trials that may only involve a few thousand” people.

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