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Unvaccinated Children Are Healthier

Unvaccinated children are healthier. A boy wearing blue jeans runs down the street. Photo courtesy of Felicia Leggio Braud. | Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D.

Over 400 scientific studies show that unvaccinated children are healthier than their over-vaccinated counterparts. A boy wearing blue jeans runs down the street. Photo courtesy of Felicia Leggio Braud.

Unvaccinated Children Are Healthier Than Their Vaccinated Counterparts

By Dr. William H. Gaunt, NMD, and Spencer M. Gaunt, RN
Special to

Unvaccinated children are healthier than their vaccinated counterparts. There’s a mantra “vaccines are safe and effective.” You’ve heard it a million times. But, it is simply not true. As hard as it is for many to accept, vaccines pose very real and serious dangers to some children.

Peer-reviewed scientific studies show that unvaccinated children are healthier

Dr. Anthony R. Mawson is a professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at Jackson State University in Mississippi. Mawson and his colleagues gathered detailed health information on close to 700 homeschooled children. Some were fully vaccinated, some partially vaccinated, and some unvaccinated.

In April 2017, The Journal of Translational Science published two studies based on this data.

The first study combined the fully and partially vaccinated children and compared to the unvaccinated children. The data revealed:

  1. The vaccinated children had 9 times the rate of eczema. Additionally, they had 3.7 times the rate of neurodevelopmental disorders, 4.2 times the rate of autism, 4.2 times the rate of ADHD, and 5.2 times the rate of learning disabilities than their unvaccinated peers.
  2. The unvaccinated children were strikingly healthier than the vaccinated children.

Premature birth study

The second study based on Mawson’s data focused on children born prematurely. Premature birth with vaccination was associated with 14.5 times the rate of neurodevelopmental disorders compared to babies born full term and not vaccinated. Neurodevelopmental disorders can negatively affect people for their entire lives.

Study by Dr. Paul Thomas and Dr. James Lyons-Weiler also shows unvaccinated children are healthier

Paul Thomas, M.D., a pediatrician based in Portland, Oregon, uses the principle of informed consent with his patients. Informed consent is when the doctor explains the possible benefits and risks of the vaccines and the parents decide what to do. Some parents in his practice choose to get all the vaccines on the CDC schedule for their child. Others choose to have their child partially vaccinated. And some parents forgo all vaccines.

In October of 2020 Dr. Thomas and research scientist James Lyons-Weiler, Ph.D., published a study in The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. This study compared fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated, and unvaccinated children in Dr. Thomas’ pediatric practice. The data covered a period of 10 years.

The results are startling. Vaccinated children had more doctor visits and more chronic ailments than the unvaccinated children.

“I have over 13,000 children in my pediatric practice and I have to say, as unpopular as this observation may be, my unvaccinated children are by far the healthiest,” Dr. Thomas said.

Penalized for telling the truth

What was Dr. Thomas’ reward for sharing this data showing unvaccinated children are healthier? On December 3, 2020, the Oregon Medical Board suspended Dr. Thomas’s license to practice medicine on groundless charges.

Not surprisingly, they reinstated his license in June of 2021. But the message was clear. The medical establishment will attack anyone who publishes information that raises safety concerns about vaccines. Just the act of asking legitimate questions about vaccine safety is enough to get you “Wakefielded.” (Vilified by the establishment, put at risk of losing your license.)

Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s work

In 1998, Dr. Andrew Wakefield and 12 other doctors published a study in The Lancet. This is a prestigious British medical journal. Their study suggested that the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine might be causing gastrointestinal problems and autism in some children. Their team, all highly credentialed and qualified researchers, recommended that further studies be done to verify or reject this possibility.

Though the paper was carefully worded and quite circumspect, a firestorm ensued. A full twelve years later The Lancet retracted it. In the meantime, Dr. Wakefield lost his license to practice medicine in the U.K.

Six years later, in 2004, the journal Pediatrics published a study which appeared to exonerate the MMR vaccine from any causal relationship with autism. Then, in 2014, Dr. William Thompson, Ph.D., one of the authors of the Pediatrics study, admitted in recorded conversations that the Pediatrics study was fraudulent. Thompson told Brian Hooker, Ph.D., a microbiologist and professor at Simpson University, that his team intentionally threw away data in order to obscure the connection between the MMR vaccine and autism. In other words, it’s very likely that Dr. Andrew Wakefield has been right all along.

Widespread perversion of science

This perversion of science is not an isolated case. Science is for sale, especially when big money is involved. This study claims to show no connection between the MMR vaccine and autism, but the data the study was based on shows the opposite is true.

You would think a Congressional committee would subpoena Dr. Thompson to testify. That hasn’t happened. When the original data was analyzed without bias, researchers found that children who got the MMR on time (at 12 to 18 months of age) were significantly more likely to become autistic compared to those who got the vaccine after 36 months. African-American boys were especially vulnerable. They had more than 3 times the rate of autism if they got the vaccine on time according to the CDC’s recommended schedule when compared to African-American boys who got the MMR after 36 months of age. Unfortunately, there was no control group of children who never got the MMR. Does that make you wonder what the rate of autism would have been in such a group? The documentary film “Vaxxed: From Coverup to Catastrophe” covers this story in detail.

Over 400 studies show evidence of harm

There are literally hundreds of scientific studies which document vaccines causing harm. Neil Z. Miller collected 400 of these studies in a book: Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies. One of these studies by Carolyn Gallagher and Melody Goodman was published in Toxicological & Environmental Chemistry in the September-October issue in 2008. Boys who received 3 doses of the hepatitis B vaccine had 8.63 times the rate of developmental disabilities compared to boys who did not receive the hepatitis B vaccines. The boys who got the vaccines were also 3 times more likely to develop autism.

Another study in Miller’s book covers the dangers of aluminum in vaccines. Aluminum is used in many vaccines as an adjuvant to stimulate a stronger immune response.

“Aluminum is a neurotoxin [a chemical that can cause brain damage] and may be a co-factor in several neuro-degenerative disorders and diseases, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis(ALS), Multiple Sclerosis, Autism, and Epilepsy,” write Lucija Tomljenovic and Christopher Shaw in the Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry (November 2011)

Children in the U.S. receive several times more aluminum from vaccines than FDA safety limits allow. Unvaccinated children avoid this excessive amount of aluminum and all the problems it can cause. So, we should not be surprised that unvaccinated children are healthier than their vaccinated counterparts!

Autism rising

In 1970 the Archives of General Psychiatry published a study by Dr. Darnold Treffert and his colleagues. The goal was to determine the incidence of autism in the state of Wisconsin. They found the autism rate to be 0.7 children per 10,000.

In 2016, the National Center for Health Statistics released its latest prevalence rate for autism: 1 in 36 American children have autism. However, public health officials insist the increase in autism from less than 1 in 10,000 in 1970 to 1 in 36 less than 50 years later has nothing to do with the drastic increase in the number of vaccines given to children.  Many studies show higher rates of autism in vaccinated children compared to unvaccinated children. Vaccines and the neurotoxins they contain are a major factor in the autism epidemic.

Consider the Amish

There are more than 325,000 Amish people in the U.S. including more than 200,000 children. Most Amish children are unvaccinated. Autism is vanishingly rare among the Amish. Dr. Frank Noonan, D.O., is a doctor who treats Amish children in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He said that he has seen no cases of autism in the thousands of Amish children he has treated over 25 years! Dr. Heng Wang, M.D., is a neurologist and the director of the Clinic for Special Needs Children in Ohio which also has a large Amish population. He estimated that the rate of autism in the Amish community in Ohio is about 1 in 15,000. Why is there such a low rate of autism in Amish children? Is it obvious?

The more vaccinated the child, the more likely to die

Infant mortality rate is defined as the number of infant deaths per thousand live births. In a 2011 study by Neil Z. Miller and Gary S. Goldman, Ph.D., published in Human & Experimental Toxicology, the authors found that nations which require the most vaccines in the first year of life have the highest infant mortality rates.

At that time, the U.S. required 26 vaccines in the first year, more than any other country. We also have an infant mortality rate worse than 33 other developed countries.

“Some vaccine-related deaths may be reclassified by medical authorities as ordinary mortality thereby concealing a link between vaccines and sudden infant deaths,” Miller and Goldman explained.

Although infant deaths are almost never attributed to vaccines, Miller and Goldman found that the more vaccines a child received at one time, the more likely they were to be hospitalized or die. Multiple vaccines at one time are routinely given at 2-month and 4-month pediatric visits.

Profit-driven propaganda

Why doesn’t the public hear about these studies? Studies like the ones we mention above have no chance to make the evening news. Vaccines are massively profitable for pharmaceutical companies. These companies are major advertisers on TV. The executives of the TV companies don’t approve stories unfavorable to vaccines because they don’t want to lose revenue from pharmaceutical advertisers.

The pharmaceutical companies are also major donors to politicians, and they get favorable treatment in Congress. The power of the pharmaceutical industry can hardly be overstated. It’s not in their financial interest for this type of information to get out. If people want access to this side of the story, they must actively seek it out. To that end, we have included a list of resources at the end of this article.

We need a vaccine safety commission

We need a Vaccine Safety Commission composed of scientists and doctors with no financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry. Their job would be to evaluate independently each vaccine and the entire vaccine schedule. Currently all of the decisions regarding vaccines are being made by pro-vaccine true believers who are part of the vaccine industry.

Vaccines are a near perfect business model: Everyone is pressured to buy them, and manufacturers have no liability for injuries or deaths caused by their vaccines. Despite nonpartisan calls for a vaccine safety commission, it is nearly politically impossible to form such a commission because of the influence of pharmaceutical companies.

It’s hard to change your mind

People favor information which reinforces their pre-existing beliefs and avoid contradictory information. This is called “Selective Exposure Theory.” People reject information contrary to their beliefs. But the truth is that vaccines are dangerous. We are over-vaccinating America’s children. And unvaccinated children are far healthier than vaccinated children.

Unvaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated children, argues Dr. William Gaunt. | Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D.

Dr. William Gaunt with his wife and two youngest children. Photo courtesy of William Gaunt.

I (Dr. Gaunt) became aware of the dangers of vaccines beginning in 1979 when I began naturopathic medical school.

Unvaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated children. Book cover of Every Second Child.The book, Every Second Child, by Archie Kalokerinos, M.D., came out in 1981. It tells the story of how a vaccination campaign killed malnourished aborigine children in Australia. The death rate in some areas reached 500 deaths per 1000 children, hence the book’s title. The combination of malnutrition and vaccines was deadly. It was obvious to Dr. Kalokerinos what the problem was, but the medical authorities wouldn’t listen. These deaths continued for years.

Then I read A Shot in The Dark by Harris Coulter and Barbara Loe Fisher. This book came out in 1985. It described the dangers of the diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus vaccine. The pertussis (whooping cough) portion of the vaccine was very reactive and caused several injuries and deaths. Coulter was a medical historian. He came to the medical school I was attending to give a lecture.

Refusing to open their eyes

Sudden infant deaths may also be caused by multiple vaccines given at one time. But, instead of investigating this, public health vigorously denies it. It is quite difficult for someone to open their eyes to something when their entire livelihood depends on staying in the dark.

Sadly, medical authorities today cannot or will not understand that the ever-increasing number of vaccines on the CDC schedule is contributing to the autism epidemic and other chronic diseases in children.

My son Spencer and two of his brothers are now in their mid-thirties. They aren’t vaccinated. Our youngest is a senior in college. He was born at a birthing center with a midwife. He’s never been to a doctor (other than Dad) and has never had a vaccine. We adopted our daughter from China when she was two. She’s now 14. We don’t know which vaccines she had in China, but she has had no vaccines since we got her. All of our children are in robust good health.

About the authors:

Dr. William Gaunt is a retired Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. A graduate of the University of South Florida in Tampa. He was also a U. S. Navy helicopter pilot and later an instructor pilot for the Iranian Navy and the Saudi Arabian Air Force before attending medical school. Dr. Gaunt has also taught chemistry, biology, and anatomy at high school and college levels and published over a dozen articles related to vaccines. Spencer Gaunt is a registered nurse currently living in Chile with his wife and baby daughter.

Resources for further information

Documentary films:
(1) “Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe.” Explores scientific fraud regarding the MMR vaccine-autism connection.
(2) “Vaxxed II: The People’s Truth.” Includes a segment on families with unvaccinated children, showing how healthy the unvaccinated children are.
(3) “1986: The Act.” Explains how vaccine companies became exempt from liability for injuries and deaths caused by their products.

(2) (Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s site)
(4) (Dr. Paul Thomas’ site)

(1) How to End the Autism Epidemic by J.B. Handley
(2) Dissolving Illusions by Suzanne Humphries, MD and Roman Bystrianyk. This book explains how the mortality rate for infectious diseases declined to near zero because of sanitation measures and improved nutrition BEFORE vaccines for these diseases became available.
(3) Denial by Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill
(4) Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies by Neil Z. Miller
(5) Science for Sale by David L. Lewis (Sadly, some science is fraudulent or more like marketing than “search for truth” real science. Powerful corporations get their way.)
(6) Your Baby, Your Way by Jennifer Margulis. An exposé of how corporate greed and for-profit medicine influences pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting decisions

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