Thursday, September 9, 2021

No one has been killed by Ivermectin. How many have been killed, and will be killed, by the enormous propaganda drive against its use?


Read the first two stories here, for some solid information on the safety and effectiveness of Ivermectin, then read the third, for just one example of the lethal bullshit pumped out by the medical establishment (especially the AMA) and "our free press."

Such genocidal propaganda is the gravest public health emergency confronting us today. (That's why the media must now become the primary target of our demonstrations.)


Definitive Ivermectin Toxicity Review

There’s been an absolutely brutal campaign against Ivermectin in the public press.  I thought it was time to deploy my background as a Toxicologist to review the known toxicity of Ivermectin.  Fortunately, a world-class review paper on Ivermectin came out in 2021 by Jacques Descotes, a prominent toxicologist working at the behest of Medincell.  

That comprehensive review of Ivermectin reveals that it is among the safest and most well-tolerated drugs ever introduced to the market.

In this episode I walk through the expert review of Ivermectin by Jacques Descotes MD, PharmD, PhD  which was conducted in early 2021.  We discuss the safety, toxicity, and known side effects and drug interactions, few and mild as they are.  The conclusion is that “Ivermectin human toxicity cannot be claimed to be a serious cause for concern.”

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As US Prepares to Ban Ivermectin for Covid-19, More Countries in Asia Begin Using It

Posted on September 7, 2021 by Nick Corbishley

The information war takes a dark turn as the corporate media transitions from misinformation and obfuscation to outright lies and fabrication.

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Another Ivermectin Flop; 'Instant' Lung Cancer Decision Tool; Triple COPD Tx & Death

— Highlights from the European Respiratory Society virtual meeting 

by John Gever, Contributing Writer, MedPage Today September 8, 2021

Several studies caught our eye at the just-concluded European Respiratory Society's virtual annual meeting. Among them: more negative findings for ivermectin as a COVID-19 treatment; clinical performance of a novel image-analysis system that determines in real time whether lung tissue biopsies collected during surgery contain malignant cells; and insights into just how triple therapy for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) reduced mortality in the pivotal ETHOS trial.

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