Sunday, September 5, 2021

The Mess Media


Someone just wrote me that media were reporting that the morgue had run out of space due to Covid victims.  But what the local media were not reporting was that the morgue only had 2 spaces!

Did you see the amazing Rolling Stone magazine story about how hospitals are delaying treatment for gunshot wounds due to having so many ivermectin overdoses?  They quoted a real doctor saying this.  Then one of the hospitals where he works made a stink about it, putting it on the front page of their website.  Turns out they have never seen a single ivermectin overdose.

Rolling Stone was forced to print a correction, but they managed to frame it in yet a second hit piece on ivermectin.  Where are all these fake news journalists going to work after we shut down the Ministry of Truth and its minions?  Perhaps a chain gang or re-educcation camp, hopefully.  Where did so many fake journalists sprout from?  A skunk cabbage patch?

I wish I could show you the photo that Rolling Stone tweeted out, but my computer (or google, which hosts anthraxvaccine) will not allow me to post a photo.  It simply showed a line of people standing outside, presumably trying to get care in an ER! 

I have a new name for these fake news media:  the MESS MEDIA.  At least they are good for a laugh.