Thursday, November 4, 2021

Joe Rogan Warns Politicians Have ‘Ultimate Power’ Due To COVID After New Zealand PM Ends Presser Over Vax Question


New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern shut down a press conference and apologized to members of her country’s corporate media after an “unaccredited” reporter began asking questions that contradicted her narrative on COVID vaccines and mandates. Ardern has often been at the forefront of the global left’s oppressive COVID response, leading podcast legend Joe Rogan to warn of her hunger for absolute power.

As Ardern told members of the press that New Zealand’s authorities were in the midst of a major push for mass COVID-19 vaccinations and mandates, a skeptical citizen journalist began asking questions that countered the narrative of Ardern and her global political allies. Specifically, he pointed to the highly vaccinated nation of Israel and its repeated surges in severe and fatal cases of COVID-19.

“Why is the vaccine not working in Israel?” the man asked. “And you are still pushing it,” he continued before Ardern began threatening to shut the press conference down, informing him that only “accredited reporters” approved by the left-wing government may report the news in New Zealand.

“I’m going to answer the questions of the accredited media,” Ardern said. “I will shut down the press conference if you do not cease.”

Ardern went on to apologize to the corporate media members before storming off and ending the press conference. Ardern also remarked that the press conference would be rescheduled, and held at an indoor location so that authorities could better control access.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern moves her Northland press conference inside because of protestors.

— Abbey Wakefield (@Beywake) November 2, 2021

Ardern, a darling in the eyes of the global left who led the charge to confiscate firearms from law-abiding New Zealanders after a tragic shooting, has been sharply criticized online over her rebuke of the free press and enthusiastic support for COVID mandates and restrictions.

Universally popular podcaster and COVID-19 rebel Joe Rogan mocked Ardern on his show over the incident, remarking that the New Zealand Prime Minister must believe she is a queen and above reproach.

“Have you seen that lady who’s running New Zealand?” Rogan asked a pair of his podcast guests. “If she even gets asked questions at press conferences, if people yell out questions she goes ‘we’re going to shut this down! We’re going to shut this down if you keep yelling out!'” Rogan explained, employing his rendition of a Kiwi accent.

“She just leaves, she’s like ‘accredited press only,'” Rogan went on. “She took the f***ing press conference indoors because they were yelling out about the vaccine program that they have in Israel, how it’s not working, about how the vaccinated people account for a vast percentage of the people that have tested positive and even deaths,” Rogan said.

Joe Rogan slams Jacinda Ardern for her inability to answer questions – shut it down!

— Zeitgeist NZ (@ZeitgeistNZ) November 4, 2021

“They have ultimate power now,” Rogan warned of governments in a post-COVID world. “They have the power to shut down businesses, keep people in their homes. It’s not as simple as just protecting people, it’s also that they have power so when they have power they f***ing like it, man.”