Saturday, December 4, 2021

‘Doctors’ Just Invented a Brand New ‘Disorder’ to Explain Away Vaccine-Induced Heart Problems


For months, we’ve documented countless instances of otherwise healthy people being injected with the Covid-19 “vaccines” only to develop major heart problems shortly after. Our reporting has practically become rote with so many cases of people between the ages of 30-45 “inexplicably” acquiring myocarditis, pericarditis, and pulmonary embolisms.

Of particular interest have been the athletes who have fallen, often while in the middle of playing their sports. This has been a real eye-opener that has prompted many to finally start scratching their heads and wonder if they’re being fed lies.

World Record Holder, Other Elite Athletes Have Hearts Damaged by Covid ‘Vaccines’

But just as it seemed more people were starting to take notice and ask questions, along came the public relations arm for the people behind The Great Reset to suspend disbelief and perpetuate Pandemic Panic Theater. They developed a new talking point — Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder — to explain away all of the cases of vaccine-induced adverse reactions, especially among young and health adults who seem most vulnerable.

Here’s a snippet of the article unveiling the new talking points from The Evening Standard:

Up to 300,000 people in the UK are facing heart-related illnesses due to post-pandemic stress disorder (PPSD), two London physicians have warned. This could result in a 4.5 per cent rise in cardiovascular cases nationally because of the effects of PPSD, with those aged between 30 to 45 most at-risk, they claim.

Mark Rayner, a former senior NHS psychological therapist and founder of EASE Wellbeing CIC, said that as many as three million people in Britain are already suffering from PPSD, thanks to stress and anxiety caused by the effects of Covid-19. He fears this could result in a dramatic rise in physical health issues, such as coronary heart failure, if cases are not detected or treated early.

Mr Rayner said: “PPSD is a very real problem on a massive scale. As well as the condition itself with all its immediate problems, one of the biggest collateral issues is the affect it can have on heart health.

“It is widely recognised that reducing stress and mental health problems is crucial to the prevention and recovery of cardiovascular events such as heart attacks and strokes. We are talking about as many as 300,000 new patients with heart issues.”

And just like that, adverse reactions to Covid-19 injections have been explained away with a magical new term and a handful of bribed, bullied, or blackmailed doctors to back up the claims. It’s ludicrous prima facie for this supposed disorder to pop up suddenly, affect hundreds of thousands in the United Kingdom alone, and focus solely on the age group that has been sparking the most questions regarding adverse reactions.

Our regular readers do not need more proof that the mainstream narrative is driven by an agenda that has nothing to do with healthcare, but hopefully sharing this information will allow some of those who have been conned into buying the false narratives to start asking questions. And as much as I’d like to be hopeful that more people will recognize this farce of “Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder” for what it really is, I can’t say I’m holding my breath.

This is why we constantly call on our readers to become as knowledgeable as possible so we can convert more people into seeing the truth. We need as many as possible to stave off the advancing totalitarianism that is being willfully accepted by the masses. It seems most Americans are either in favor of draconian mandates are unconcerned by them. We need them to wake up and see the risks brought forth by bad policies and bad injections. Again, athletes seem to be the point where we can shine the brightest spotlight.

Dozens of Vaxxed Athletes Are Suddenly Collapsing and Nobody’s Allowed to Ask Why

There are far more liars with loud voices on the topic than there are truthtellers. We need that to change. It’s time for freedom- and science-loving patriots to make their voices heard.

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