Sunday, December 19, 2021

How about a little anti-conspiracy about COVID injections?

So I was talking to a family member, and wanted to create a list of all the hard facts we could both agree on. Trying to be completely free of "conspiracy" talk, these are just the facts that can be relatively easily verified by a Google search.

  • The medical community has generally acknowledged that the injections have been fatal for at least some people who received them, or at least that deaths occurred post-injection which suggested a causal link.

  • The medical community, including the manufacturers themselves, have acknowledged that the injections have caused heart damage, myocarditis, and pericarditis in at least some people who received them.

  • There are known medical conditions which prohibit a person from safely receiving the injections. Some people with these conditions report being refused exemptions.

  • The spike protein has not stayed in the injection site, and has been found to concentrate around the heart and ovaries. Scientists do not yet know why it goes there, or what it does there, if anything. However, there are several theories.

  • Some women who have received the injections have reported delayed, missed, and irregular periods in the weeks post-injections.

  • The VAERS data base contains more reported side effects for the COVID injections than for any other vaccine.

  • The injections do not work the way previous vaccines worked. They are an exciting but novel technology which does not use dead or inactivated viruses, and does not produce sterilizing immunity.

  • The manufacturers of the injections withheld safety data from the public and lawmakers, which, when some of it was finally made public, revealed that they were aware of many associated risks, including heart damage.

  • The manufacturers continue to withhold other data. They have asked for decades to respond to a request for the data, though some argue the request was overly broad.

  • The manufacturers have insisted on legal immunity for side-effects caused by the injections, and have declined to make the injections available for certain international populations, citing risk of lawsuits for side effects.

  • The manufacturers are some of the most influential lobbyists in DC, and are the primary source of advertising revenue for nearly all mainstream news sources.

  • At this point in time, the data suggests that the injections reduce transmissibility, hospitalization, and death. However, the injections have been found to not reduce viral load or eliminate transmissability. Those who receive the injections can become infected and can transmit the infection to others, possibly at a similar rate to those who have not received the injections.

  • Some countries and states with high vaccinations rates have the highest infection rates, while some countries and states with lower vaccination rates, or who have promoted alternative treatments, have lower infection rates. So far, vaccination mandates have not generally correlated well with reductions in COVID diagnosis, hospitalizations, or deaths.

  • Since people who have received the injections can still become infected and infect others, universal injections, injection passports, and similar measures cannot eliminate COVID. Scientists generally recognize that COVID has become endemic and cannot be eliminated.

  • People who are at high risk of COVID, but who have received the injections, may engage in riskier behaviors, due to a false belief that they are now immune.

  • Some doctors, researchers, and scientists have proposed models by which the injections may in fact suppress recipients’ immune systems, or lead to eventual auto-immune disorders. Others propose that the injections could lead to eventual prion diseases or infertility. At this point in time, these concerns are largely speculation. However, if any of these outcomes were to occur, they would presumably be catastrophic for any country or population where the majority of people had received the injections.

  • The injections cannot be reversed. If they are discovered to be harmful, you cannot be de-vaccinated.

  • Some doctors, researchers, and scientists have proposed models by which the injections may create dependency.

  • Due to a phenomenon known as ADE, individuals who receive the injections may may actually become more susceptible to illness.

  • The medical community, including the injection manufacturers and FDA, have acknowledged that the injections provide waning immunity, and recommended boosters.

  • Some doctors, researchers, and scientists have proposed models by which the injections may encourage additional mutations, which are even more transmissible, since the vaccines do not provide sterilizing immunity.

  • Despite decades of research, this type of injection was never approved for human use for any other disease, since they were consistently found to be ineffective, unsafe, or suffered from other issues, such as a short shelf-life without refrigeration.

  • Major tech companies, mainstream media channels, and government agencies have suppressed information about alternative treatments, and suppressed access to alternative treatments.

  • Alternative treatments that have shown promise in some studies includes: Benadryl, vitamin D, Ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies, hydroxychoorquinone, NAC, Bromelain, and hypertonic saline. Some states and countries, such as Utar Pradesh and Japan, have reduced COVID while allowing Ivermectin as a prophylactic and line of treatment.

  • Data regarding COVID-19 and the injections has sometimes been distorted and deleted by manufacturers, governments, and healthcare providers, including labelling individuals who have received injections but not boosters as “unvaccinated,” and labelling people who died for any reason as COVID deaths.

  • Most people who are infected with COVID-19 do not become seriously ill and do not require hospitalization. COVID-19 is almost exclusively a danger to the elderly, obese, and people with underlying health conditions. Almost no children worldwide have died from COVID.

  • Anti-mandate advocates argue that mandatory injections violate principles of bodily autonomy and transfer power from individuals and businesses, governments, and the injection manufacturers. Reliance on regular boosters places power in the hands of the manufacturers of those boosters.

  • Some people have religious objections to the injections.

  • Natural immunity, which occurs after infection, appears to be more protective against future infection than receiving injections, even with boosters, since the injections typically target only the spike protein on the first strain of COVID-19.

  • Some of the agencies, organizations, and individuals responsible for guiding and implementing COVID-19 policy in the United States have lied to congress, withheld or falsified data, and at this point in time, may bear some responsibility for causing the pandemic, in that they funded the lab and gain-of-function research in Wuhan.

  • Some doctors, researchers, and scientists have expressed concern that the injections may be especially unsafe for children, when considering relative risk. Children are not at risk from COVID, but may be at some risk of heart damage, side-effects, or as-yet-unknown longterm effects.

  • Many people, including educators, media personalities, world leaders, politicians, researchers, and health officials may be incentivized to promote the injections over other options, in order to keep their jobs, ad revenue, or funding. Some have reported being censored, ridiculed, de-funded, or fired, or feeling self-censored, for stating concerns about the injections.

  • World leaders often have a vested interest in creating a public perception that they are taking decisive steps to end the pandemic and ramp their economies back up.

Edit: minor tweaks to remove bias from language