Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Pfizer’s New COVID Pill Set To Make Billions While Cheaper Drugs Are Demonized


Paxlovid is the first FDA approved oral treatment for COVID under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA.) Pfizer began phase 2/3 trials for the drug with 2246 participants in July 2021. The results, according Pfizer, show strong evidence that Paxlovid can reduce the chances of severe COVID symptoms by 89 per cent if taken as soon as initial symptoms begin. Ideally within the first five days.

Pharmaceutical company Merck had been developing a similar antiviral drug called Molnupirarvir, however it only appeared to have a 50 per cent reduction in severe COVID cases. The cost of Pfizer’s product is about 25 per cent less at around $530 per course versus the $700 per course for the Merck product.

The science behind these antiviral drugs for COVID is based on inhibiting the activity of what is called the 3CL main protease. When this enzyme is blocked it can not break down the proteins needed to build and replicate the COVID virus in a body. See Pfizer release explaining this further.

The idea of blocking the 3CL main protease activity has been on the radar throughout the pandemic. A study published at the beginning of 2021 outlined the best drugs already approved by the FDA that could potentially perform this function. By using computational molecular modeling a group of scientists were able to analyze over 3000 FDA approved drugs narrowing the search down to 47 candidates.

Here is a part of their conclusion:

“We have identified that boceprevir, micafungin, ombitasvir, paritaprevir, and tipranavir exhibited partial inhibitory effect, whereas ivermectin was able to completely inhibit the SARS-COV-2 3CLpro enzymatic activity in vitro at the tested doses.”

From, Identification of 3-chymotrypsin like protease (3CLPro) inhibitors as potential anti-SARS-CoV-2 agents
From, Identification of 3-chymotrypsin like protease (3CLPro) inhibitors as potential anti-SARS-CoV-2 agents

To be clear, Ivermectin is a different molecule than Pfizer’s Paxlovid. These drugs are not the same but it appears they perform the same function. This is important to note because only a new molecular compound can be patented by a pharmaceutical company for up to 20 years.

As soon as this time expires the cost of the drug goes down dramatically because exclusivity is gone and anyone can manufacture it. 

Ivermectin has been used in a number of people for billions of doses and reduces SARS-CoV-2 replication in laboratory studies.

Ivermectin is off patent, therefore the cost to manufacture is about 12 cents per course.

So as the U.S is set to spend upwards of 5 billion dollars on Pfizer’s new drug Paxlovid, it is time to start asking questions.

Does it make sense that an FDA approved drug that has been used by humans for decades with minimal associated serious risks is considered less safe than a brand new drug created in the last year?

As well under EUA, Pfizer is not liable for any damages their pill causes, giving them a free pass to make lots of money. And what about the fact that Pfizer has been charged billions of dollars for fraud, for lying about side effects and data from their clinical trials in the past?

Finally, if there were the resources to create a brand new drug, why hasn’t there been the resources to quickly repurpose already approved drugs that block the 3CL protease? Instead, there have been campaigns to demonize Ivermectin. Governments, media and other authorities like the FDA have actively sabotaged this Nobel prize winning drug.

Experts such as Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Joseph Varon and Dr. Peter McCullough have all estimated that 75-80 per cent of COVID deaths could have been prevented with an early treatment protocol that would include ivermectin. 

Now Pfizer is saying that their drug, Paxlovid, can reduce severe COVID by 89 per cent if used within the first five days of initial symptoms. And it just so happens to perform the same anatomical function as Ivermectin.

Truth will come to the surface, and when it does there needs to be people held responsible for withholding and discrediting a drug that could have saved millions of lives.

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