Friday, January 21, 2022

Student Blasts Mask Mandates, 'Thanks' School Board for Teaching Kids Thinking for Themselves is Over-Rated

If there is a silver lining for the pandemic, it's that we're raising a new generation of based kids. As politicians and unelected government bureaucrats keep dumping restrictions on them based on fear and politics instead of science and data, students are starting to see what's really going on. Most of us don't get that lesson until we first see taxes taken out of our first paycheck. Students in 2020-22 are seeing it as they're demanded to cover their faces--not for science reasons but for fear reasons, mixed with teachers' unions being in bed with the Biden Administration. Students spoke out all throughout 2021. Addison George is the first to speak out in 2022.

Well, not speak out. She really just wanted to say "thank you" to her school board. This kicks in at 14:00.