Friday, January 7, 2022

WATCH: Dept of Health Tells Citizens Not to Workout, Eat Healthy, or Save Money — Vaccinate Kids Instead


By Matt Agorist

Since the beginning of the pandemic, once the experts realized that comorbidities like obesity were a massive contributor to complications from COVID-19, lots of folks have began advocating for people to improve their health through diet and exercise. But not the government. Despite the CDC admitting that obesity triples the risk of hospitalization and drastically increases the risk of severe illness from covid, the talking head political class have refused to urge people to eat healthier and exercise.

Data from more than 160 countries shows a linear correlation between a nation’s COVID mortality and obesity rate, finding that no country with an obesity rate below 40 percent reported high death rates. 

There is no denying that being overweight is one of the largest contributing factors to the covid death toll but instead of governments across the world urging citizens to take care of themselves by eating healthy and exercising, the jab took center stage.

No one here is denying that the covid vaccine appears to reduce severe illness from covid but being healthy appears to be a far superior plan of protection. Imagine, if for the last two years, instead of paying billions of dollars to big pharma to advertise their drugs and pay people to take them, that the state spent that money helping people to get in shape. The impact would have been enormous. Tens of thousands of lives could’ve been saved and the strain on the health care system would have been drastically reduced.

Instead of doing that, however, they did the opposite, literally. A now-deleted video (archived here) paid for and promoted by the state Health Department of Hawaii, epitomizes the state’s response to public health as it literally discouraged working out and eating healthy — telling people to opt for the jab instead.

In the brief animation, a woman is sitting at her desk, presumably thinking about making a New Year’s resolution.

“The easiest New Year’s resolution for 2022…” the video starts out, as the woman is then offered numerous positive and healthy choices for her resolution — all of which she declines.

“Eating healthier?” the woman contemplates. She then closes her eyes and smugly dismisses such a stupid choice. She is then offered a choice to “exercise regularly” and to “save money,” both of which she declines again.

But then the almighty choice and savior is presented: “get keiki vaccinated.” For those who don’t know, the term keiki in Hawaii means child or children. This choice, according to the bureaucrats at the health department, is by far the smartest and easiest choice for the woman to make.

If you want to do the right thing in 2022, don’t eat healthy, exercise regularly, or save money — you need to give your children the vaccine. That will save us all, according to the Hawaiian Health Department.

Shameful indeed.

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Naturally, after they posted the video to Twitter, they received massive backlash from people calling out such repugnant messaging. In fact, they received so much backlash, they deleted the tweet and put up the following tweet, encouraging actual healthy choices.

In addition to getting the COVID-19 vaccine, making healthy choices every day can improve your health and reduce your risk for many other chronic diseases. Start living healthy at home by staying active, eating nutritious foods, and living tobacco-free.

— Hawaii State Department of Health (@HawaiiDOH) January 3, 2022

While this one post, made in response to the backlash encourages healthy choices, the rest of their entire page looks like an advertisement for big pharma as 90 percent of their tweets are telling people to take the jab.

At the top of the department’s twitter page, they state their mission of “Working to protect the health and wellbeing of the people, communities and islands of Hawaii.” If this is how the bureaucrats at the health department think they are protecting the citizens’ health and wellbeing, then all of them need to be fired — immediately.

Below is the video which was saved by twitter user Daniel Francisco.

Look what these people just deleted from an official state government account

Original tweet is gone

— Daniel Francisco (NJ CD 4) (@DFrancisco7) January 3, 2022

When government actively discourages citizens from making healthy and responsible choices and instead tells them to vaccinate their children — against the recommendations of many doctors and scientists for a disease that largely leaves them completely alone — government does not have the interest of people in mind.

Ready for a change? We are.

Source: The Free Thought Project