Monday, February 14, 2022

He "Sounds Like Hitler" - Bill Maher Blasts Trudeau Over "Do We Tolerate...Unacceptable Views" Comments

Born-again realist, and HBO show host, humorist Bill Maher dropped another ugly truth bomb on the cognitively dissonant left and establishment media this weekend by comparing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's recent bizarre condemnation of the Truckers in the Freedom Convoy as 'intolerable racists and mysogynists that take up space" to the words of Hitler.

In recent months, as Maher has transitioned from liberal groupthink mouthpiece to independent thinker, he has been pilloried by blue-check-marks everywhere for not toeing-the-line, but, as Maher noted previously, it is not him that has changed, it's the leftists...