Sunday, March 13, 2022

America’s Corrupt Election System Revealed In Secret Georgia Report

In a crucial court case currently playing out in Georgia, the entire corrupt facade of America’s election system has been revealed — and the picture that it paints is damning.

Election integrity groups commissioned a report by a computer science professor at the University of Michigan, J. Alex Halderman, who is an election security expert. Halderman produced a 25,000-word report that’s so explosive neither the federal judge in charge of the case nor the U.S. federal government wants it released to the public.

Halderman asserts that Georgia’s electronic voting machines “suffer from specific, highly exploitable vulnerabilities that allow attackers to change votes despite the state’s purported defenses.” Who owns and operates those electronic voting machines in Georgia? Dominion Voting Systems.

Halderman was given twelve weeks of access to an unused Dominion ICX voting machine — the same machines used in Georgia and 16 other states. His conclusions completely destroy the false narrative about the 2020 election being “the most secure election in history.” In fact, Halderman claims that “Georgia voters face an extreme risk that [electronic voting machine]-based attacks could manipulate their individual votes and alter election outcomes.” Since Halderman is a well known election security expert who has testified before Congress, the usual attempts to discredit Halderman as either a conspiracy theorist or an amateur have not been successful.