Wednesday, March 16, 2022

The Dollar’s Days Are Numbered


As I’ve mentioned many times in the past, we’re between stories. The old story based on endless growth, on a finite planet, forever kicking the fiscal can down the road, and generally acting as if prosperity was an assured right of existence, is winding down.

We’re now in the awkward interregnum between old and new stories.  While we can’t totally predict the new story, we can safely say the old one is dead, it just doesn’t entirely know it yet.

Perhaps the biggest financial story of our lives is now unfolding, and it concerns the end of the petrodollar and its cycling as part of the economic and fiscal firmament. So, I discuss that in this video in some more depth.

As well, the covid narrative is entirely breaking down and thus the powers that be (which is the media/political axis) furiously redirected people’s attention to the horrors of the Ukraine invasion. Yes, this is the same media that still can’t manage to cover the ongoing horrors in Syria or Yemen, or any of a half dozen other horror shows currently running.

But the data mounts: the vaccines wear off quickly, meaning they aren’t really effective; and, they definitely aren’t safe. The powers that be are obviously fearful of that becoming common knowledge.

Add it all up, and we’re at the beginning of the end. The old story is over. Those still clinging to the old story are destined for a really rough ride because they are trying to return to something which is already dead and cannot be resurrected.

The U.S. dollar is at the beginning of the end of its long and storied moment in the sun. The U.S. empire is on the same exact trajectory.

But, there’s always a new story, and the trick to life is to be there helping to midwife the new into our world, as that’s both fulfilling and exciting.