Sunday, March 6, 2022

Shocking Numbers out of Ultra-Vaxxed Israel Debunk the Notion that Adverse Reactions to Covid Jabs are “Rare”


It feels like we’ve reached the end of Pandemic Panic Theater… at least temporarily. Mask mandates are lifting. Joe Biden didn’t even mention his beloved vaccine mandates during his State of the Union address. Anthony Fauci seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth.

But there’s a very good chance that in the near future, likely no later than mid-autumn, Pandemic Panic Theater will rear its ugly head again. It will likely pop back up because of a new variant of Covid-19 that is more deadly than Omicron but just as transmissible, but there are other possibilities. One particularly dreadful theory I’ve recently pieced together from various sources points to a new hemorrhagic fever spreading across the globe.

Even as many who were fighting daily against medical tyranny have either turned complacent in the face of recent “victories” or turned their attention towards the eyeball-sucking news out of Ukraine, there are still plenty of people getting first, second, third, or even fourth jabs across the country and around the globe. The push to inject every man, woman, and child on earth has not stopped. It has just faded into the background.

This is what makes the story below by Mac Slavo from SHTFplan so important. The fight to spread the truth about the Covid jabs hasn’t ended. If anything, this temporary lull of authoritarianism is a perfect opportunity to educate the masses who are hopefully a bit less frantic and lot more cognizant of what has been happening the last two years.

If you were to ask the average Joe on the street what percentage of injected people are experiencing some sort of adverse reaction to the Covid jabs, the most common answer would be “under 1%.” That’s a characterization, false though it may be, that has been circulating across hospitals and propagated by the CDC since the first jabs rolled out. If the person you ask has heard anecdotally that they’re more common, they might say somewhere between 1% and 10%. These are the people who recognize the jabs aren’t nearly as “safe and effective” as they’ve been billed as for a year.

An ambitious, awake, and aware anti-vaxxer might say somewhere between 10%-30%. That’s a reasonably high number that would demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that nobody should be getting jabbed a first, second, third, or fourth time. Considering how the vast majority of people are able to recover from Covid-19 without many issues, not to mention the fact that the jabs don’t stop the disease from spreading, a risk-factor for adverse reactions of 10%-30% would erase any notion that the jabs should be considered “safe.”

The reality is actually higher… MUCH higher.

What makes the reports of adverse reactions even more discouraging is that it seems to be heaviest for women and their menstrual cycles. If the jabs are a tool for globalists to engage in depopulation, then they’re not just trying to kill people now. They’re trying to prevent more people from being born. According to Slavo:

More Than 66% of “Fully Vaccinated” Israelis Now Suffering Adverse Reactions To The “Vaccines”

Nearly 66% of respondents to a survey in Israel claimed that they suffered adverse reactions to the COVID-19 booster shot. Nearly half of those with adverse reactions reported having difficulties performing daily activities as a result.

The results of the recent survey were published by the Israeli Ministry of Health earlier in February and analyzed in an article published in the Israeli daily newspaper Davar. They reveal the sheer scope of side effects caused by the booster, including a high rate of menstrual irregularities among women. 

“The most common side effects among women were menstrual irregularities,” reported LifeSiteNews. “The most reported symptoms were delays in menstruation (37.8%), increase in menstrual bleeding (31.1%), premature menstruation (28.9%), longer bleeding duration (26.7%), and severe menstrual pains (20%).”

According to LifeSiteNews, Israel was one of the first countries in the world to launch a national booster vaccination campaign; it began in August of last year. Nevertheless, so-called “breakthrough” infections continued to occur among those who received the top-up jabs.  

Israel’s mass vaccination campaign has already been a massive failure in multiple ways. We know they are lying and we know this vaccine is a part of the agenda or they would not be pushing it to this extent.


Within the first week of the booster campaign, Israeli news outlet, The Times of Israel,  reported  that 14 Israelis who received a third “booster” dose of the Pfizer vaccine had tested positive for COVID.  A March analysis in the country also revealed dramatic rates of vaccine-related deaths in the country.   

The data is quietly and slowly being released now that the populace is distracted by the Russian “invasion” of Ukraine.

While they carefully craft the official narrative for that crisis, the one they erected around COIVD-19 is quickly crumbling.

YOU Are the Media

Corporate media isn’t touching this story. But even most conservative news sites have passed on it, focusing almost entirely on Ukraine-Russia. Many have been lulled into complacency because of the fresh story of the regional conflict as well as the recent (and sudden) dropping of face mask mandates.

It’s up to those who read articles like these to get the word out. As much as I appreciate the work of many conservative news outlets, this and similar stories are so often getting ignored. The reason is straightforward for most. They don’t touch stories that paint the jabs in a bad light out of fear of getting strikes from their money-sources at Google or their traffic source with Facebook.

With Big Tech suppressing this type of story and corporate media pretending it doesn’t even exist, the only recourse is to share these directly.

There are still millions of Americans who may be considering getting jabbed or boosted. It’s imperative that we spread stories like these to inform people before they consent to more jabs. We fight an uphill battle to spread the truth when the most powerful organizations and people in media want the truth eliminated.

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