Monday, March 21, 2022

Why do the "vaccinated" want a WAR with Russia, while the "unvaccinated" don't?


They’ve been trying from the start of this long global nightmare to equate compliance with benevolence. Throughout 2020, they told us, inescapably, that putting on a mask (or two, or three) made you a Good Person (“Wearing is caring”); and then, throughout 2021, they told us, inescapably, that “vaccination” was (to quote the horrible Bergoglio) “an act of love,” so that the kindliest and most considerate of us were those who’d had as many jabs as possible.

Conversely, they portrayed the “anti-maskers” as a danger to us all, not just because they’d surely kill us (or at least “kill Grandma”) with their toxic exhalations, but, on top of that, because of their combustible “far-right” hostility to anyone—bus drivers, security guards—who dared to tell them what to do. The propaganda fostering that canard then took to casting “anti-vaxxers” as hideously selfish animals, utterly indifferent to the huge (imaginary) risk they pose to those who did get jabbed—a claim as obviously false as it was (and is) scientifically absurd.

I call it “obviously false” because, outside the fever-dream “reported” daily by the media, it’s always been the other way around. All along, it’s been the maskers who have always readily abused the “anti-maskers,” and then it was the “vaccinated” who chastised (or worse) those choosing, for whatever reason, not to get injected. And, of course, it was the latter, not the former, who, while getting pelted with such sanctimonious denunciation, have also been excluded, isolated, silenced, censored, fired, delicensed, fined and even jailed, or involuntarily committed, either for refusing to get jabbed, or for merely questioning the wisdom, or the consequences, of the “vaccination” program.

And then we’ve also heard, and some of us have seen, a certain darkening of personality among the “vaccinated,” or some of them—a marked new nastiness, intolerance, explosiveness, as if those “vaccines” were laced with choler, or its nanotechnological equivalent. I for one have been attacked insanely, out of nowhere, by the recently injected; and others have reported the same thing.

That history of nastiness against the non-compliant is the context in which we should now check out, and share, these poll results from Canada: