Sunday, April 24, 2022

Former DNI Ratcliffe: Russia Collusion Hoax A ‘Coordinated Effort’ By Hillary Clinton & Dem Cronies To ‘Defraud The Government’



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The Russia collusion hoax against former President Donald Trump was a “conspiracy” coordinated by Hillary Clinton and her cronies to “defraud the federal government” and “mislead the American people,” according to former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe.

In an interview on “Sunday Morning Futures,” Ratcliffe explained that filings released by special counsel John Durham’s investigation are bringing to light how the Clinton Campaign laundered bogus information through U.S. intelligence agencies.

“This was a coordinated effort by Hillary Clinton Campaign officials, by executives who were working with them, lawyers who work for the campaign, all attempting to defraud the federal government,” Ratcliffe said.

“Defrauding the government is a felony, making false statements to federal investigators is a felony. And when multiple people do it together I think that is a conspiracy and I think that’s what is being revealed in John Durham’s filings.”

“If multiple lawyers from a law firm are attempting to defraud the government or lie to the government, not just commit a campaign dirty trick but to peddle a false narrative to mislead investigators an entire law firm like Perkins Coie could be subject to indictment,” he added.

Ratcliffe also pointed out how the same intelligence officials who laundered the Russian collusion hoax to the media were also behind suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story.

“This was a coordinated effort to mislead the American people, politicizing intelligence that didn’t exist,” Ratcliffe said. “Adam Schiff claiming that this was Russian disinformation and then having it peddled by Big Tech and former national security officials who all signed on in the weeks leading up to 2020, influenced the outcome of the election and I think they were successful in doing so.”

Durham is seeking more access to Perkins Coie documents, such as emails to Fusion GPS, an effort the Clinton Campaign is working hard to prevent.

From CNN:

In sworn statements, top Clinton officials John Podesta, Robby Mook and Marc Elias maintain that work Fusion GPS did for the Clinton campaign could be considered part of legal work — and should be protected under attorney-client privilege.

Mook, Clinton’s presidential campaign manager in 2016, distanced himself from the hiring of Fusion. He said he enlisted Perkins Coie for legal work as well as advice on fact-finding and research but “was not aware during the campaign of any contractors that Perkins Coie engaged to assist it in providing legal services and legal advice.”

Durham’s latest court filing on Friday showed that the CIA concluded data from Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann alleging collusion between Trump and Russia was “not technically plausible” and was “user created.”

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