Tuesday, October 4, 2022

9 probing COVID questions for your doctor



Losing trust in doctors and the medical establishment is a sad consequence of the COVID pandemic. Doctors have not done all they should have to better serve their patients.

After truth telling in my writings for about two years, I remain saddened that the vast majority of the public remains victimized by propaganda in favor of vaccines and boosters while ignoring the many truths I and others have been shouting.

It now seems important for all of us who know the truth to put much of the blame on regular doctors people ordinarily see. The very sad fact is that nearly all of them are a combination of being ignorant (about COVID, vaccines and their alternatives), cowards for being unwilling to risk their jobs and prestige, and just plain biased – supporting what government agencies and medical establishment forces have hit the public with.

We need a public uprising against prevalent physician beliefs and behaviors.

When doctors are all wrong about COVID, then it is rational to doubt their overall performance in keeping their patients healthy by using the best medicines, tests and medical knowledge. Are they following medical research on many, many topics other than COVID?

Below are a series of questions (just examples) to ask your doctor. Their willingness to take the time to listen to your questions and seriously answer them tells a lot about them.

They are structured to allow a simple answer so that minimal time is needed:

1. Do you still think COVID vaccines and boosters are both safe for everyone and effective against getting all the variations of the virus?

2 .Do you think that the benefits outweigh the risks for most people, particularly me?

3. Are you aware that considerable data show many people are dying about five months after being vaccinated?

4. Have you stayed informed about proven alternatives to the vaccines that some doctors have been using with great success since the pandemic began?

5. Are you in favor of taking high enough daily doses of vitamin D to get a blood level of at least 50 ng/ml that research has found effective for preventing COVID?

6. Do you order a blood test for vitamin D for your patients?

7. Are you aware of high rates of excess mortality (that has only happened after wide vaccine use) all over the world, that they cannot be explained by COVID infection and that many believe result from COVID vaccines damaging immune systems and blood?

8. Many millions of people are suffering from long COVID; do you have some ways of helping these people who have multiple symptoms like bad physical fatigue and brain fog reducing their quality of life?

9. If I tested positive for COVID and begged you for a prescription for ivermectin, would you provide it?

If you are truly well-informed about the pandemic and COVID, then you should know what really good or bad answers are for these questions.

Similarly, if you had the opportunity to have time with one of the great doctors, like Peter McCullough in Texas or George Fareed in California, you can imagine how they would answer these questions.

Here is a letter sent by a good doctor to explain why most doctors do not speak out:

"The electronic medical records (EMRs) are a ball and chain to physicians. We are tracked through them. When I wrote a prescription for ivermectin for a patient, with informed consent (she was vaccinated), I received five letters threatening my medical license, my hospital privileges and my insurance contracts. I would not have received five letters if I killed someone in negligence or malpractice. If I have my license pulled, I will no longer be able to help my patients.

"I speak to patients on a one-on-one basis, but speaking out would destroy my family. I have children. Quite frankly, I have seen that patients want me to risk myself for them, but are wholly unwilling to support their physician. The population is lazy.

"I can save your life, but I get paid less for my work than some hairdressers. My education is not valued by society, as supported by the rise of the 'advanced practice provider.' I am almost done with my profession. I hope to retire in the next one to three years, decades before I had planned. I love what I do, but cannot take this toxic and broken system any longer. This is why so many have retired in the past couple years, and this trend will continue.

"I am attaching the latest California bill to throttle physicians. I hear no outcry. I told patients over a year ago that the vax would not prevent them from getting COVID. It was never studied to do so. I actually read the studies. This of course was disinformation, but has now been proven to be true.

"Who will be the truth czar for health care? How am I to keep up? I am left to assume that the population wants the government to guide their health care. That is, in fact, the plan. The health care system will be socialized within the next five years, I predict. And the population will be shocked. No one is paying attention."


If you find this topic of great importance, then share all this with those you know who still are brainwashed by the propaganda from the many authoritarian forces pushing all the wrong information about COVID. Think of Anthony Fauci as the leader of those awful forces. Tell those people what good and correct answers are to the above questions.


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