Sunday, January 29, 2023

In the current war game of life, don't fall for the snakes. Choose a ladder!

I have learned that it is exceedingly important to try to recognize when an outside entity is trying to control you, or scare you. It’s really hard to do, but essential to autonomy, and sovereignty. Divide and conquer is a war tactic and it is very effective when trying to defeat opposition. So the key to defeating them, is to unify. Whenever you see someone trying to break up a band, ask yourself, “What is motivating them to do that?” And really think about their possible motivations.

The levels of deception now are so many, that sometimes I can barely believe what I am seeing or how thick this onion of lies we are all finding ourselves encased in actually is. I find myself literally wondering some days if anything I have ever ‘heard’ is true. On TV. In school. From textbooks. Is it all lies? Is it all the stage of the theatre? Am I simply a fancy black walnut carved wooden figure on this game board being moved around by someone else?