Saturday, February 4, 2023



Guest Post by Dr. Robert Malone


Written by Trevor FitzGibbon

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA – Last week, Angelia Desselle, a former manager of a surgery center outside of New Orleans Louisiana, responded to a tweet by Elon Musk who complained of an adverse reaction to his second booster shot.

Desselle, who also suffered a severe adverse reaction to the Covid shot, responded to Elon’s tweet, attaching video footage of her inside Ochsner Hospital.  She was in the midst of having an alarming neurological event after being admitted to Ochsner on January 5, 2021, just days after receiving the Pfizer vaccine.

Since then, Angelia has struggled with ongoing seizures and neurological issues, accumulating 87 pages of medical bills. She has been an active supporter of other vaccine injured individuals across the country, even testifying in front of the Louisiana and Ohio legislatures.  Angelia is also featured in the ground-breaking new film, “Anecdotals,” and spoke on stage about her injuries at the Defeat the Mandates rally in Los Angeles.

Desselle’s tweet quickly triggered 67 million interactions and even sparked the creation of a meme, “Thanks Pfizer”, which mocked her and accused her of faking her injuries.  One outrageous commenter went as far as claiming that she was about to be “arrested for wire fraud due to a go-fund-me.”

But perhaps the most troublesome response that day was from Alex Berenson, a former New York Times reporter turned substacker, who many consider to be a leader in the medical freedom movement.

Rolling Stone, Forbes, along with the Daily Mail, one of the most read online publications in the world, wrote articles about Angelia and her “fake injury.”

It is one thing for individuals to attack and make claims of “faking” injury.  It is yet another when journalists at “reputable” publications follow suit without investigating any of the claims or seeking comment from the person attacked.

If any of them had looked into Desselle, they would have learned that she could provide all of the necessary medical documentation to validate her Covid vaccine injury.

Dr. Pierre Kory, her physician, came to Angelia’s defense along with friends, colleagues and family members who know her story, as well as many from the public at large.

Rolling Stone, Forbes and the Daily Mail have committed libel and need to retract their stories.  This 47-year-old woman suffers from ongoing severe health problems confirmed by her doctor, directly correlated to the Covid-19 injection. What has happened to the state of journalism when it leads the way in ridiculing those simply sharing their story? Where is the humanity?