Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Doctor Stripped of Board Certification Over ‘COVID-19 Misinformation’



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The American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) stripped the certification of Florida-based doctor John Littell, a U.S. Army veteran and family physician who had made headlines for using Ivermectin to treat thousands of Covid-19 patients.

Dr. Littell was kicked out of a Sarasota Memorial Hospital board meeting last month after highlighting anecdotes of patients who quickly recovered from COVID after he treated them with ivermectin.

“I got disciplined for giving Ivermectin which got a young mom out of the hospital in three days when she would have died,” said Dr. Littell speaking outside the hospital.

Part 2 of my interview with Dr Littell after he was removed from the Sarasota Memorial Hospital meeting on Covid-19

— Chris Nelson 🇺🇸 🏝 (@ReOpenChris) February 22, 2023

But the ABFM wrote a letter to Dr. Littell saying he’d be stripped of his certification, which he had since July 13, 1990, for spreading “COVID-19 misinformation.”

“ABFM has determined that your Public Channels contain false, inaccurate and misleading statements constituting health misinformation and disinformation about COVID-19, the COVID-19 vaccine, and the effort of public health officials to address the COVID-19 pandemic through vaccination and other mitigation measures,” the letter states.

“ABFM has determined that all of the statements include demonstrably false, inaccurate, and/or misleading statements about COVID-19 and vaccination against COVID-19 and represent an ongoing pattern of dissemination of health misinformation.”

In the letter, “Professional Specialist” Andrea D. Back also downplays the myocarditis risks the COVID jab has on young people.

“The myocarditis caused by COVID vaccination is mild and not associated with fatalities,” Back states.

Littell told The Floridian that he was being politically targeted by the “corrupt” organization.

“I guarantee this was done because of the viral video,” said Littell in regard to the video of him being removed from Sarasota Memorial Hospital’s board meeting. “If you decertify every physician for talking about the safety of a drug you would decertify everyone.”

“We will ultimately prevail, not only in the legal arena, but primarily in the court of public opinion,” said Littell in a written statement. “If Americans want to have physicians who are truly independent, who value the Sanctity of the physician/patient relationship, and who practice according to the basic tenet, “first, do no harm,” – then we, together, must fight against those institutions, such as the specialty boards, which choose rather to treat us like trainable puppies, with choke collars and tight leashes, preparing to discipline us, whenever we choose to exercise our First Amendment right to speak freely about the potential dangers of certain medications, vaccines or procedures which will, in truth, do harm to the patients we serve.”

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