Thursday, March 2, 2023

This is intentional deception: "Cycling teacher, 44, felt ‘a disruption’ in her body. 3 days later, she had a ‘widow maker’ heart attack"

Not like we don't have evidence that the vaccine is associated with heart issues... not mentioning it as a potential causal factor makes this story seem likely to be a form of planted misdirection

A widow maker heart attack occurs when the main artery, called the left anterior descending artery, is significantly blocked, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

Harr never lost consciousness or went into cardiac arrest. And she doesn't have any obvious risk factors, like underlying health conditions or genetic markers, that would put her at a higher risk for having a serious heart attack like this, she says.

The only potential risk factor she can think of was the mild COVID-19 infection she had a few months prior to the heart attack. That, coupled with the stress of having to temporarily close her fitness business in 2020, may have contributed to her risk, she says.