Friday, August 28, 2020

School Choice or No Choice


“School Choice or No Choice”

By Donna Garner


With all the vicious and deadly riots occurring around the U. S., the public is finally waking up to the fact that our nation’s young people of all races, ethnicities, and backgrounds have been “brainwashed.”

Let’s look carefully at the rioters that we see on social media and on the nightly news.  The one thing most of them have in common is that they are young people.

No, they are not all people of color. In fact, if a person starts noticing, a huge percentage are White.


I keep waiting for some leader in our country to put the blame right where it belongs – at the feet of Obama and his Common Core Standards.  While most of the nation slept, Obama (almost on his first day in office) pushed this social justice, Marxist, socialist, Communist belief system straight into nearly all curriculum standards and teaching units.  

Because of the radical shift in standards, Common Core forced Pre-K through 12 schools to purchase all new curriculum, most of it digitized and produced by unknown leftists from who knows where.

The “Race to the Top” funds from the feds were contingent upon implementing the Common Core Standards. Of course, the colleges/universities were only too glad to follow suit since many of the professors for years had been spouting that same dogma.

For ten years, students in Pre-K through 16 have had a steady diet of this leftist dogma; and the seeds for these riots were sown, waiting only for this moment in time to ripen into bull-blown Antifa and BLM anarchists.  

Once the dogma was thoroughly imbedded in the curriculum in nearly every subject area, it has been very difficult to pull it out.

Homeschoolers and private school students have not escaped this leftist dogma either because the man who was the architect of the Common Core (David Coleman) became the president of the College Board.  He quickly announced publicly that all CB products would be aligned with Common Core — that means Pre-SAT, SAT, and Advanced Placement – all of which impact students in every educational setting throughout the country. The ACT followed suit as have other testing programs throughout the nation.

“What gets tested gets taught.” The reason for this is that if students are going to do well on a test, they have to understand the philosophy that controls the type of answers required on the Common-Core-driven tests.  

Because of the takeover by Obama’s Common Core Standards, traditional, fact-based curriculum (a.k.a., Type #1) was thrown aside and was replaced 24/7, Pre-K through 16 with what is referred to as Type #2. 

Please take the time to study carefully the differences between Type #1 vs. Type #2 as shown in this chart: 

11.4.13 — Type #1 vs. Type #2 Chart —


As a classroom teacher for over 33 years, I believe that every parent should have the right to choose the best type of educational setting for his/her children.  I have taught in public, private, homeschool, and online settings.  We have two sons of our own and five grandchildren with experiences in varied educational environments.

I also understand that school choice has become widely acclaimed particularly after parents during COVID have begun to pay more attention to what their children are studying. Many parents do not like what they are seeing.


To take back our children’s hearts, minds, and souls from the leftist dogma, we must move every educational setting into Type #1, traditional, fact-based standards and curriculum.  If we do not do this, then our nation will keep on producing more of these badly deceived young people who have been stripped of learning the most basic, common sense, knowledge and skills.  

From the standpoint of the student, there can be no mixing of Type #1 and Type #2.  Either there are right or wrong answers based upon time-honored facts; OR people’s opinions, feelings, and beliefs are what is of ultimate importance.

To be honest, if you and I had been steeped in Type #2 for the last ten years 24/7, we would probably believe too that we are little “gods” who have the right, the responsibility, and the obligation to challenge anything and anyone who goes against the leftist dogma!

To see with your own eyes the kind of leftist Black Lives Matter (BLM) curriculum that is being promoted across our country, please watch this 7-minute video.

The only thing that will stop this horrendous type of leftist curriculum from destroying our nation’s youth and hence, America, is to move all educational settings back to the Type #1 philosophy – in the curriculum standards, the curriculum, and the tests.

Parents must have genuine “school choice” for their children.

Type #1 should be the place where we as adults make our stand because curriculum standards control what is taught day-to-day in the curriculum.  If our elected leaders do not understand this, then it is our responsibility to teach them!

I have posted my 9.11.19 article below which should help our leaders “to get it.”   

7 minute YouTube:   “BRAINWASHED: How Black Lives Matter Hijacked Our Schools” (a.k.a., How Obama’s Common Core Standards Hijacked Our Schools” —


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