Thursday, August 27, 2020

Reporters covering RNC turn to 'sly editorializing'



(JUST THE NEWS) -- As the 2020 Republican National Convention heads toward its conclusion Thursday night, media coverage of the event — and in particular of the president headlining it — has in many notable cases eschewed neutral, fact-based reporting in favor of something more akin to sly editorializing.

A barrage of biased news reports presented as fact-based journalism over the last few days may afford a preview of an election season sure to test the professional distance of journalists who have struggled throughout the years to report objectively and impartially on the Trump administration and, especially, the president himself.

Such bias was seen, for example, at The Hill, where reporter Niall Stanage on Wednesday claimed that the Republican National Convention is attempting to "detoxify Trump," with Republicans struggling to prove that the president "isn't a racist, a sexist or a xenophobe."

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