Sunday, September 20, 2020

Everything we know about Covid - The Campaign of Mass Murder by Governments, Public "Health" Officials, Big Pharma, Bill Gates and the WHO


 1. We know that governments, public health officials and the WHO are NOT trying to prevent people dying or becoming seriously ill from Covid.

If governments, public health officials and the WHO WERE trying to reduce the number of people becoming ill from Covid they would have issued guidance on the best preventatives and treatments.

And they would have shouted this guidance from the rooftops.

But they did not do this and in many cases did the exact opposite.

The best way of protecting yourself from Covid and any other flu like viruses is a strong immune system, a healthy diet, with plenty of fresh air, sunshine and exercise.

1.1 Vitamin D is vital for your immune system. So is Vitamin C and Zinc.

Many people are deficient or have insufficient Vitamin D. This especially applies to the people who are most vulnerable of becoming ill or dying from Covid - the elderly, the obese and those with severe underlying conditions such as cancer.

Studies have found you are 10 times more likely to die of Covid if you are deficient in Vitamin D, below 32 ng/ml.

Simply advising people to increase their levels of Vitamin D would have saved many thousands of lives.

Doctors and hospitals should be routinely checking the vitamin D levels of patients with Covid or flu like symptoms and giving supplements where required.

The same applies to other vital vitamins and nutrients such as Vitamin C and Zinc - which are both vital for fighting off viral infections. But doctors and hospitals are still NOT doing this.


In the UK the NHS is routinely committing Medical Malpractice by NOT checking and supplementing vitamin levels for Covid patients, which is the simplest way of helping patients with flu like infections to fight off the disease. 

I believe most, if not all, other Western countries are committing Medical Malpractice in the same way. There is no money for Big Pharma in vitamins and Big Pharma trained doctors are taught to push Big Pharma pills. They are not well trained in promoting general health, nutrition or how to strengthen people's natural immune systems.

The NHS has defined Vitamin D insufficiency/deficiency at 20 ng/ml, but this is only the level to prevent osteoporosis and bone disease. It is much too LOW for fighting off infectious diseases like Covid or the seasonal flu. Again this is Medical Malpractice, there are many studies showing increased Vitamin D intake helps prevent people becoming ill from flu like diseases.
Recommended levels are between 32 and 50 ng/ml. See the chart below.

The best way to increase your Vitamin D levels is exposing your skin to sunlight, without getting sun burn. People in Northern climates are most deficient in Vitamin D at the end of winter because the sun is too weak to produce it during winter months. BAME people living in Northern climates are also more likely to be deficient in Vitamin D because darker skin needs much more sunlight to produce the same amount of Vitamin D as white skin.

So what did the UK government do to people during one of the sunniest April's in memory?
They locked people up in their houses and told them they could not sunbathe in the park.
This was absolutely CRIMINAL and the worst thing the government could possibly do.

Vitamin C is another vital vitamin for fighting off viral infections such as Covid and the seasonal flu.
Did your government or public "health" officials advise people to increase their vitamin C intake by eating more fresh fruit and vegetables (or taking supplements)?
Did they ensure this was widely and repeatedly broadcast on the BBC or CNN and other mainstream news sources?
No they did not. There is no money for Big Pharma if people have a healthy diet and eat lots of fresh fruit and veg.
1.2 Zinc and Zinc Ionophores
Zinc plays a vital role in fighting off viral infections, by preventing viral replication within cells.
But Zinc cannot cross the cell membrane on its own.
There are several Zinc ionophores that have been identified as being helpful in reducing the severity of Covid infections:
Quercetin - this is a natural nutrient and Zinc ionophore found in apples. Over the counter supplements are available from pharmacies.
Low dose Hydroxychloroquine - this is an extremely safe drug used as an anti malarial for over 60 years and also used to treat Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis. It is on the WHO's list of essential medicines.
Low dose Ivermectin - this is another extremely safe drug and zinc ionophore, commonly used to treat parasitical infections such as Scabies. It is on the WHO's list of essential medicines.

India is using Hydroxychloroquine as a prophylactic (preventative) for high risk groups, such as front line healthcare workers.
For best results Zinc must be combined with a Zinc Ionophore such as the ones listed above.
Zinc intake can be increased by eating zinc rich foods or over the counter supplements.
Did your government andPublic "Health" Officials advise you to maintain a Zinc rich diet or take Zinc supplements, with a Zinc Ionophore as a cheap and effective way of preventing at risk people from becoming ill with Covid?
Of course they didn't.
Governments, Public Health Officials and the WHO didn't want to prevent people becoming ill and potentially dying from Covid.
There is no money for Big Pharma in zinc supplements or Hydroxychloroquine.

N.B. It is not necessary for non high risk people to take Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin as a preventative.
Fit and healthy people under 60 will beat Covid on their own, if they have a healthy immune system and a good diet with plenty of vitamins.

1.3 Effective Treatments for Covid are Being Deliberately Suppressed.

There are several cheap and effective treatments for Covid patients.
They are all being suppressed or banned because, a) there is no money in them for Big Pharma, b) if an effective treatment for Covid is recognized it will destroy the case for vaccines, lockdowns and masks, and c) it will prevent Emergency Use Authorization for a rushed, non safety tested, and likely ineffective and dangerous Covid vaccine.

These treatments are:
Vitamin D, C and Zinc supplements.
High dose Vitamin D
High dose intravenous Vitamin C
Hydroxychloroquine + Azithromycin + Zinc as soon as symptoms appear (see Zelenko protocol)
Ivermectin + Antibiotic + Zinc 
Budesonide nebulizer (a widely available and cheap asthma treatment)
Bromhexine - stops Sars-CoV-2 entry into cells. Another cheap and safe off patent drug.
Cheap Corticosteroids for patients with blood clotting problems.
Convalescent blood plasma for severely ill ICU patients (convalescent blood plasma is not widely available).

A combination of one or more of these treatments may be used depending on the clinical condition of the individual patient.

A list of these treatments, together with an explanation of how they can benefit patients is included in this article by Dr Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD.
Other potential treatments are also mentioned.

The Covid agenda has always been about killing and harming as many people as possible to push the Vaccine agenda and other nefarious follow up plans.

1.4 Hospitals and Care Homes

Hospitals were a major source of Covid infections - termed Nosocomial.
There was widespread Medical Malpractice in most Western countries.

Elderly Covid positive patients were forced out of hospitals and into Care and Nursing homes where there were insufficient isolation facilities, and who then infected the rest of the residents and some of the staff.
This happened in pretty much every Western country or area with a high initial death rate in March and April.
The unwarranted panic engendered by Neil Ferguson's fraudulent "computer models" (see below) was a major cause of this and killed many thousands of people - between 30% and 80% of all Covid deaths in most Western countries.
In New York, Covid positive patients were mixed in with non Covid patients thus spreading the disease.

US Federal government funding meant that hospitals were paid $39,000 for putting a Covid patient on a ventilator. 90% of patients put on a ventilator died. Other treatment options - see above, should have been used in preference.
Treatment protocols are now much more reticent of using ventilators.

In the UK the Death Rate in UK hospitals was a horrific 24%, largely due to Medical Malpractice, Gross Criminal Negligence and denial of best treatments to Covid patients.
Everyone who determined NHS policies should be spending the rest of their lives in jail - Matt Hancock, members of Sage, members of NICE and other members of the Cabinet.
The UK's death rate was nearly double that of New York's horrendous death rate at the peak of the crisis of 12.7%.

The Spectator:

Long term hospitalized patients are frequently deficient in Vitamin C, making them more susceptible to flu like viruses like Covid.
I would presume many hospitalized patients are similarly deficient in Vitamin D, due to lack of sunlight.
Vitamin C and D supplements should have been routinely given to both Covid and non Covid hospitalised patients. Vitamin C and D testing should have been performed to determine if, and by how much, patients were deficient in basic vitamins.

High risk elderly and chronically ill people outside hospitals were not given Vitamin C and D supplements to reduce the risk of serious illness from Covid-19.

All of this constitutes Gross Criminal Negligence, Medical Malpractice, and Mass Manslaughter / Mass Murder. The people responsible should be sued by the relatives of the victims and the people who decided these policies should be prosecuted and jailed.

1.5 Denial of Medical Care for Non Covid Patients

The UK's NHS was shut down for all Non Covid patients, leading to a massive increase in NHS waiting lists - now 10-15 million long.

Medical Care was denied to elderly people in Care Homes, leading to premature death through neglect.

Illegal DNRs (Do Not Resuscitate orders) were issued to elderly people without proper consent in the UK, in a policy of Euthanasia by the UK government.

Non Covid services were also shut down in other countries, including the US, expecting a wave of Covid patients that never came, due to Neil Ferguson's fraudulent "erroneous" predictions that were out by a factor of 10.

People were afraid to go to the hospital because of the panic put out by governments and the media for a disease that is about as dangerous as a severe strain of flu. Thousands of people needlessly died in their homes from things like heart attacks, because they did not receive what would otherwise be, normal medical treatment.

Except in isolated hot spots, like Lombardy in Italy and New York, for a short period, hospitals never became overwhelmed.
Many sat idle and almost empty.

1.6 Fraudulent "Clinical Studies" Have Been Funded by Bill Gates and His Cronies to Discredit Hydroxychloroquine as an effective treatment. 

The UK "Recovery Trial" poisoned already severely ill, late stage, Covid patients with toxic overdoses of Hydroxychloroquine in order to discredit it.
This trial was funded by Bill Gates, the UK government, and the Wellcome Trust - a lobbyist and front group for Big Pharma.
Everyone involved in funding, running and authorizing this "trial" should be spending the rest of their lives in jail for Medical Malpractice and Mass Murder.
There is evidence that some of the patients poisoned with toxic overdoses would not have otherwise died.

Many thousands needlessly died in NHS hospitals because effective treatments were denied to them

The Controllers of the UK "Recovery Trial" were Oxford Professors Peter Norby and Martin Landray.
These mass murdering criminals have longstanding links with, and research funding, from Bill Gates.

The Oxford Recovery Trial should have been using the Zelenko protocol, to treat patients early within 5 days of the onset of symptoms, with low dose Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin and Zinc.
Click on pic to read.

Instead they poisoned severely ill patients.

A similar trial, "Solidarity" giving patients toxic overdoses in order to discredit Hydroxychloroquine, was run by the WHO.

Two must read articles:


2. How the Covid Panic Was Deliberately Started

The Covid panic was started with the aid of Neil Ferguson's fraudulent "computer model" which produced nonsensical and ridiculous "predictions" of 550,000 deaths in the UK and 2.2 million in the US.
It also predicted 65,000 deaths in Sweden if no lockdown occurred - Sweden's death toll is currently 5,865.
Similar "computer model" fraudulent predictions were produced by IHME at the University of Washington.
Both Neil Ferguson's Imperial College and IHME are heavily funded by Bill Gates.

It was urged on by the WHO's equally ridiculous IFR estimate of 3.4%.

The Cruise Ship Diamond Princess, quarantined off Japan in February provided an almost perfect laboratory to study how contagious and deadly Covid-19 actually was.
An analysis by Stanford's world renowned Professor John Ioannidis using this real world data predicted an IFR of around 0.1% for Covid with 20% of the population becoming infected.
This has now been shown to be highly accurate.

Neil Ferguson has a long track record of making absurd predictions that have been orders of magnitude out and cost countries $bn's from accepting his word.
He hasn't got any predictions right.... ever!
Anyone who trusts this guy's judgement is either criminally insane or criminally corrupt. You can decide which description best applies to Bill Gates, the UK government, Fauci and the mainstream media.

Ferguson has zero credibility and never had any.

In 2002, Ferguson predicted that up to 50,000 people would die from variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, better known as "mad cow disease", increasing to 150,000 if the epidemic expanded to include sheep. The reality is: "Since 1990, 178 people in the United Kingdom have died from vCJD, according to the National CJD Research & Surveillance Unit at the University of Edinburgh." (2017)

In 2005, Ferguson claimed that up to 200 million people would be killed by bird-flu or H5N1. By early 2006, the WHO had only linked 78 deaths to the virus, out of 147 reported cases.

In 2009, Ferguson and his team at Imperial College advised the government that swine flu or H1N1 would probably kill 65,000 people in the UK. In the end, swine flu claimed the lives of 457 people in the UK.
Computer models are just lines of code with a set of assumptions and variables, assumed by the author/programmer.
They can be made to come up whatever predictions the author desires.
Unless they can accurately predict the future because all of the assumptions and variables are extremely well understood, they are useless. Ferguson's "models" have a history of being orders of magnitude out.

Ferguson's "model" was 13,000 lines of undocumented spaghetti code. A piece of junk that he input what were known to be false assumptions into. They were known to be false as they were wildly different from the actual real world data obtained from the Diamond Princess in February.

Ferguson's piece of junk code couldn't even repeat the same results with the same assumptions.
This wasn't Science it was Deliberate Fraudulent Quackery.
Ferguson was paid to commit Fraud by Bill Gates. So were IHME.
Neil Ferguson should be in jail for fraud, corruption, and accomplice to mass murder - so should his sponsor Bill Gates.
3. The WHO
The largest funders of the WHO are Bill Gates and Big Pharma.
The WHO also gets major contributions from Bill Gates controlled GAVI.
80% of the WHO's funding comes from private sources not governments.

The WHO is a criminally corrupt organization that is a front for vaccine makers and Big Pharma.
The head of the WHO, Dr Tedros, is not a medical doctor.

Tedros is a former Marxist terrorist, who as Ethiopian Health Minister committed genocide by withholding medical supplies from a section of his country.
Who in their right minds is going to take health advice from this guy?
Why haven't the mainstream media published his background and history?

4. Bill Gates

Bill Gates was a pariah back in the late 1990's as Microsoft was subjected to a serious of anti trust lawsuits in both the US and Europe for their corrupt and monopolistic practices.
Gates has since spent billions on buying favorable media coverage across several mainstream media outlets, various government regulatory agencies, corrupt pet "scientists" who don't mind killing or harming people for a paycheck, NGO's like the WHO, and putting money into vaccine makers and large drugs companies.

Gates now has an almost Messianic interest in Mass Vaccination Programs and population control.
Several of his vaccination programs have severely injured hundreds of thousands of children in India and Africa and sterilised millions of women in Africa against their will.
Beware of anyone who thinks they are God.
5. Lockdowns

As a result of Neil Ferguson and Bill Gates deliberate fear mongering with Bill Gates media cronies and public "health" stooges, 100 years of knowledge of disease control were thrown out the window and most of the world initiated some form of anti science disastrous Lockdown, locking healthy people up in their own homes, preventing large numbers of businesses from operating, causing mass unemployment, and denying healthcare to millions of non Covid patients.

Quarantines are to isolate the sick.
Locking healthy people up in their homes, is House Arrest.

All this was supposed to protect "granny".
But "granny" wasn't protected. Granny was killed in her thousands by putting Covid infected people into Care Homes, denying granny non Covid medical care, issuing illegal DNR orders, killing thousands of grannies prematurely because of neglect etc. etc. 

It didn't protect anyone else, either.
There is no evidence that any of the Lockdowns prevented any Covid deaths. When the virus becomes prevalent in a community, lockdowns don't stop it. The major transmission vectors were people's own homes and in hospitals.

There is however overwhelming evidence that Lockdowns do an immense amount of harm, from an increase in non Covid deaths - cancer, drug over doses, depression, suicides, domestic violence, mass unemployment and poverty etc.
Lockdowns also irreparably wreck the economy.

In the UK the number of official Covid deaths is 41,732.
This number is wildly inflated from fraudulent Death Certificate recording non Covid deaths as Covid.
Less than 10% of the UK's official Covid deaths, died from Covid alone, the other 90%+ had pre-existing severe underlying conditions (or comorbidities).
The average age of fatalities is over 80.
The government's own analysis now estimates the UK spring lockdown will unnecessarily kill 200,000 people - 5 times as many as the official number of Covid deaths.

It is the same story in other countries.
The US and Ireland have reported only 6% of official Covid deaths died from Covid alone.
And the average age of fatalities was over 80.
There were NO impact assessments or Risk Benefit Analysis carried out by any Western European government, the US, or Canada, before the Lockdowns were implemented in March in wild panic.
This is Gross Criminal Negligence.
Everyone responsible should be in jail.

The only country that got it right was Sweden, who followed the science. Sweden instituted limited precautions such as shutting down large gatherings of over 500 and social distancing.
Bars, restaurants, shops and schools for under 16 year olds, remained open.
Sweden did not shut down its economy and is now sitting pretty having achieved Herd Immunity - see below.

6. PCR tests

The PCR test is highly unreliable and inaccurate.
Yet this is the test that all governments have used to determine their policies.

When virus prevalence is low, false positives skyrocket to 90% plus. Which is the situation now happening across most of Europe.

The PCR test is a DNA manufacturing tool. The inventor specifically said it should NEVER be used for diagnosis.
The PCR test amplifies a specifically selected DNA sequence (the Primer) and multiplies it by millions, or billions or trillions of times. 
There are no standardised PCR tests for Covid. They use different Primers and different numbers of amplification cycles.
The Primer is not necessarily unique to the Sars-CoV-2 virus - it may detect other similar fragments from other coronaviruses such as colds and flu, or even something else.

The PCR test does not tell you whether the sample subject is infectious or not.
It does not tell you how much viral load a person has, it is not a quantitative test.

Most people, around 80%, are asymptomatic. I.E. when they are exposed to Covid their immune system destroys the virus before there is sufficient viral load for them to display symptoms or become contagious.

However the PCR test, if run for enough cycles, will report these people as positive even though they are asymptomatic, not contagious, and not a threat to anyone else.

The PCR test will also report a positive test result for people who have recovered from exposure to the virus weeks ago.
Fragments of inactive virus from dead cells may continue to be shed for many weeks or even months after the person has beat the disease, often not realising they had the disease in the first place because they were asymptomatic.

There is a false positive rate from contaminants, mishandling samples, procedural errors and other causes.

No government or lab has published what their false positive rate is.

We now have a situation in Europe, large parts of the US and elsewhere, where large numbers of people have been exposed to the virus and have recovered.
Various countries and U.S. States are encouraging asymptomatic people who are not ill, to take a Covid PCR test.
This increase in random testing of asymptomatic people is producing a large increase in positive test results.
But these are NOT new cases.

Almost all of the positive results in Europe are caused by the increase in random testing. They are finding OLD cases or false positives, NOT new cases.
There remain very few new deaths and very few new daily hospitalisations.

The current panic "caused by an increase in infections" is a manufactured panic based on false data.
More random testing, as the Covid propagandists are now crying out for,  will just report more false positives. The propagandists are using it as the pretext for more disastrous and unnecessary lockdowns.

The UK PCR tests are being run at 45 amplification cycles.
Every amplification cycle doubles the amount of the Primer.
45 cycles multiplies the sample by 3.5 TRILLION times 2*45.

PCR tests should never be run above 30 cycles otherwise they will generate too many false positives.
Belgium and Germany are limiting it to 20.
Oxford University's Professor Carl Heneghan is now recommending it be limited to 25 cycles to pick up all contagious cases while limiting the number of false positives.
Why isn't the media reporting on the inaccuracy of the PCR tests and the large proportion of false positives?
Why aren't the government and their "scientific" advisors?

7. Herd Immunity

Oxford's Professor of Theoretical Epidemiologist Prof Sunetra Gupta recently said on BBC's Newsnight that
“It is quite inexplicable why herd immunity has become a toxic phrase.” 
there “needs to be a fundamental change in how we approach dealing with” the coronavirus crisis

The replies to the above tweet show how ignorant, brainwashed and fear laden ordinary people have become to the relentless disinfo propaganda and fear mongering by the corrupt media, corrupt politicians and corrupt "scientific" advisors.
Over a virus that is about as dangerous as a severe seasonal flu and the at risk group is tightly defined, being the elderly, the obese and those already severely ill from chronic conditions.
There is a whole host of evidence that Herd immunity has been reached in most parts of Europe, including the UK, large parts of the US and several other countries with widespread exposure to Covid.

Reaching Herd Immunity destroys any rationale for further disastrous Lockdowns, Covid restrictions and the need for a Covid "vaccine".

Herd Immunity is the natural way in which a virus burns out.
See the classic Gompertz curve for infectious diseases like the flu, in Northern temperate climates
Tropical countries and the Southern United States have a more rounded shape, but the pattern is being repeated almost everywhere. (Covid is still burning through India and Brazil.)

Watch this excellent video from Ivor Cummins, explaining what's going on:

There is considerable evidence that Covid Herd Immunity is being achieved when 15-20% of a population has been infected.
This ties up with the original results from the Diamond Princess Cruise Liner in February and with antibody testing from New York and Sweden.
Roughly 80% of the population have some kind of pre-existing immunity or resistance to the disease.
A substantial proportion of the population have a natural pre-existing immunity to Covid-19
Beda M Stadler former director of the Institute for Immunology at the University of Bern - Coronavirus: Why everyone was wrong
There is growing evidence that T-Cell immunity is important against Covid-19, which explains why only circa 20% of people have antibodies in a community that has achieved Herd Immunity.

There is no evidence to support the "Second Wave" theory being bandied about by Big Pharma shills and Covid alarmists.
Sars didn't have a second wave, neither did Mers or Swine Flu.
The oft quoted 1918 Spanish flu was a completely different scenario in a war ravaged, disease ridden, malnourished world. The Spanish flu mainly affected young 20 to 40 year olds, while this is the safest age group for Covid which mainly affects the elderly aged 70+.

8. Media Propaganda

I have not seen so much intensive fear mongering disinfo propaganda in the media since the aftermath of 9/11.
In many ways the Covid propaganda is similar to 9/11 and "War on Terror" disinfo propaganda.
People have been brainwashed into falsely believing that Covid is some sort of Bubonic plague that is going to kill one in three of the population.
Instead of what it actually is, a virus about as dangerous as severe seasonal flu, which kills one in a thousand, and one in ten thousand if you are reasonably fit and healthy without serious comorbidities.

If the media talked about survival rates, instead of fatality rates there would be far less fear and panic.
But that wouldn't suit Big Pharma or the vaccine pushers, or Bill Gates, or the Globalists.
9. A Covid vaccine is NOT required.

Most of Europe, large parts of the US and large parts of the rest of the world have reached or are near Herd Immunity.
More of the world will be at Herd Immunity by the time the rushed "vaccine" is available.

There are cheap and effective preventions and treatments, which if used would cut the fatality rates by over 80%.
But they are being deliberately suppressed by the Big Pharma and vaccine lobby and other criminal cronies of Bill Gates.
If an effective treatment was recognised 
The people suppressing these treatments need to be prosecuted and thrown in jail.

The vaccine is being rushed through without proper safety testing.
A vaccine normally takes between 5 and 10 years to develop and test.
The Covid "vaccines" are being rushed through in a few months. The medium and long term adverse side effects are completely unknown.
One poor victim of the Oxford/Astrazeneca "vaccine" has already been paralysed with Transverse Myelitis. This is a known side effect of other vaccines.
The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are using an entirely new and experimental m-RNA vaccine that permanently genetically modifies human DNA. Human beings are intended to be used as Lab Rats, like mosquitoes or fruit flies. How do you feel about becoming a Genetically Modified Organism or GMO?
These "vaccines" promoted by Bill Gates, would require DECADES to adequately safety test but they are being rushed through in a matter of months.

What would these genetically modifying vaccines do to any offspring you might have? Nobody knows. They haven't been tested.

Using any Covid vaccine on anyone who is fit and healthy and under 60 would be medical malpractice as they are NOT at risk from Covid, but would be at risk from permanent damage from the vaccine.
The paralysed human guinea pig from the Astrazeneca trial was previously a fit and healthy 37 year old woman neurologist who has now lost the use of her hands and feet. You would have thought she would have had more sense - vaccines often have adverse side effects and she was not at risk from Covid-19.

Vaccinating children would be mass Child Abuse.
Children from a few months to 20 years old are in the least risk group of all from Covid.

The people who are pushing the Covid vaccine should all be locked up for the rest of their lives, for Criminal Fraud, Corruption, Medical Malpractice and Mass Murder.

All government support and taxpayer funds should be immediately withdrawn from all of the Covid vaccine projects.
All criminal liability immunity should be withdrawn from the vaccine makers and they should be liable for any damages they cause to people.
If the drugs companies want to continue developing and conducting trials on these vaccines at their own risk that's up to them.
If people are stupid enough to volunteer for the trials, or even worse volunteer their own children, that's up to them. There are Darwin Award winners every year.
The Astrazeneca vaccine trial specifically says it is being tested on 5-12 year old children, who are NOT at risk from Covid-19.

The reason that cheap and effective treatments are not being recognised and used is because that would negate the legal authorization for these rushed through vaccines.
An Emergency Use Authorization for a vaccine is specifically barred if an alternative effective treatment exists.
We do NOT need a vaccine.

People should be advised to strengthen their immune system with a healthy diet and plenty of vitamins.
Research into the many effective therapeutics available should be conducted in order to determine the best combination of treatments and dosage for different types of patients.
This research will not only be applicable to Covid, most of it will also be applicable to other similar cold and flu coronaviruses.
Which would destroy the current market for the ineffective flu jab and the Big Pharma profits and doctors income that is made from it.

Now do you see why effective preventatives and treatments are being banned and suppressed?
N.B. There is significant evidence that the flu jab increases the risk from Covid.
There is a high correlation between high flu jab areas and high Covid death rate areas.
There is also significant evidence that the flu jab will also make you more susceptible to other similar coronaviruses not specifically covered in that year's flu jab.

Various politicians and Public "Health" Advisors are pushing for more people to get the flu jab this year.
Which is directly contrary to the best available evidence.

More people getting the flu jab this season, will mean more people displaying flu like symptoms.
Which is exactly what Bill Gates and Big Pharma want to create another unwarranted manufactured panic.
And there's no telling what Big Pharma will put in the flu jab this year.
If you want to beat the crooks - think like a crook.

10. The Medical, Big Pharma, Healthcare and Medical Research Industry is completely corrupt.

This is a One Trillion Dollar a year industry, with corruption levels to match.

There are still some honest doctors and researchers around, but they are not many.
Doctors and scientists who speak out are at severe risk of being fired, ostracized, struck off and losing their income. They will be relentlessly falsely smeared in the Big Pharma controlled mainstream media.
See what recently happened to Front Line Doctors For America promoting HCQ.
Or NHS whistleblowers.

The editors of the Lancet and NEJM recently (privately) admitted that more than 50% of the medical research papers they publish are fraudulent or extremely biased towards the company making the drug.
Most medical research and most clinical trials are funded by Big Pharma and they select "scientists" who will come up with the "right" experimental results.
Efficacy is routinely exaggerated.
Adverse side effects are routinely suppressed.
11. So the big question many people will ask is: Why?

Why would almost every government institute anti science Lockdown measures, which kill more people than the virus and wreck their country's economy?
Why would almost every Western country suppress effective treatments?
Why would government "scientific advisors" deliberately lie and adopt policies that kill more of their own people?
Why would the entire mainstream media (with some notable rare exceptions) choose to go along with a false narrative that gets more people killed and destroys the economy?
Why would the WHO deliberately suppress effective treatments and tell a whole series of lies that kill more people?

Some of the answers:

Most politicians are ignorant morons who don't have the first clue what's actually going on.
Most politicians are completely corrupt and will do almost anything for a buck.

A few politicians and "scientific advisors" know exactly what they are doing. These people are psychopaths who don't care a jot about ordinary people, only their own self interest, power and wallet. They don't believe they will ever have to pay the price for their corruption and mass murder. History is on their side.

In the US, Covid is a completely political game.
The Corporate Dems, Dem Governors, DNC, Fauci, Redfield, Birx, Joe Biden and Neoliberal Corporate Media believe it will enhance Joe Biden's chances of getting "elected" and keep the endemic system of corruption in place.
They are deliberately murdering thousands of people for partisan political power and gain, and to line their own pockets. There is absolutely ZERO ethics in US politics - Mass Murder is a political tool - has been for DECADES.

The WHO and all the official government scientific advisors are completely corrupt and owned by Big Pharma and Bill Gates.

The mainstream media is completely corrupt and works for billionaire oligarchs and large multinational CEO's (again with some notable one or two very rare exceptions). They lie to you all the time about everything else, so why wouldn't they lie to you about Covid?
They are likely to lose their lucrative incomes if they start speaking out and telling the truth.
Most media talking heads are brainwashed, ignorant morons who don't do any research - that's why the MSM hired them in the first place and continue to pay their million dollar a year salaries.

Why would billionaire Oligarchs and multinational CEO's support, or go along with, measures that destroy the economy?
Covid is part of a larger agenda to transfer wealth and power from ordinary people to the wealthy elites in the top 0.01% and set up a totalitarian, anti democracy, one world government - see NWO.
Read this
Why aren't more doctors and scientists speaking out against the disastrous current Covid policies?
More of them are.
1,000 German doctors, 500 Spanish doctors, 200 Belgian doctors, dozens of American doctors, Swedish experts, some long standing mostly retired recognized scientific experts, and a few who are still in the middle of their careers ARE speaking out and exposing the lies and disastrous Covid policies.
This takes GUTS.
They are risking their careers, their livelihoods, reputations, social and professional ostracism by putting people and patients FIRST, contrary to the medical establishment and Big Pharma agenda.
These people are TRUE heroes. They are standing up for the PEOPLE.
In my estimation, they are the modern equivalent of the brave men who jumped out of the landing ships onto Omaha Beach in June 1944 under a barrage of machine gun fire and shelling. And I'm not kidding.
They didn't have to do this. But their conscience and humanity said they did.

If you want to know more about why this is being done and what their future plans are, I highly recommend you spend a few minutes reading these great articles: