Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Military Coup: What is Planned, Names Behind the Plan, with Colonel Black and Harley Schlanger


Colonel Richard Black, former Virginia Senator, JAG Officer and former head of the Criminal Law Division at the Pentagon, joins the program with Harley Schlanger, top political activist for the LaRouche Foundation, to discuss the planned military coup currently taking place in the United States.

Both Colonel Black and Harley Schlanger provide insight as to who is planning the coup and why. They name names and talk straight about the danger the United States faces if a military coup ever takes place. They also stress the importance that current military personnel understand what is being planned and prepare to only follow legal orders, not orders from rogue military leaders intending to commit high treason.

“…there’s more than 300 former top military people who are on the payrolls as lobbyists or board members or corporate officials of defense contractors and related companies and so, this is the picture you’re beginning to get; a grouping which could be called the Military-Industrial Complex, which wants to keep the United States in these wars and they’re the ones who are now talking about whether or not it might be necessary to remove the President, in what would be a military coup and basically shut off every means of communication.”

Alexandra Bruce

Contributed by Alexandra Bruce