Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Patrick Byrne Dropping MOABS Exclusively on SteelTruth


Patrick Byrne joins Ann Vandersteel to share that, “A Microsoft-certified security guy has given us the photographs and the hard documentary evidence of a Dominion…tabulation machine in a swing state that has a…wireless card inside it and the forensics show that it connected to a wireless network in the thermostat.”

It was shown that a Dominion machine in swing state was connected wirelessly to the Internet through a router in the room’s thermostat and the voting data was sent to the Chinese IPs of a corporation already embroiled in scandal involving officials in that same state.

“In the thermostat of the room, there was a wireless network that connected into this machine and when we trace back the IP from which it was accessed on Election Night and during the vote tabulation over the next 24 hours…the IPs reveal, when you track ’em back and strip away the noise, was somebody in a city in China.

“In fact, the actual address of that IP is connected to a company – is the address of a corporation in China whose name has already come up in relation to some dirty dealings with some politicians of that state in America…

“We have the hard, soup-to-nuts, documented photographs and IPs and everything. There was access from a Chinese company…from a company whose name is already at the periphery of some of this mischief, that they were accessing through the Internet and through a hidden port and a thermostat in the room, getting on the Dominion machine that was being used for vote-counting, in the middle of the vote-counting in a swing state.

“That set of IPs and pictures, itself, documents everything we need to document.”

He says that last Friday, Trump appointed Sidney Powell as White House Special Counsel but Chief-of-Staff Mark Meadows and White House General Counsel, Pat Cipollone are refusing Trump’s order and are blocking her access to the White House and not informing the President of her presence.

Byrne says it’s because they’re being offered million-dollar jobs, if they succeed in getting Trump to concede.

He says that he’s reserving three more Earth-shattering MOABs, to be revealed over the next few weeks.

Contributed by Alexandra Bruce