Thursday, October 14, 2021

Italy on pace for mass economic meltdown Friday



(LIBERTY LOFT) – The Italian government made the decision to adopt the toughest COVID passport rules in the world. Starting Friday, Italian workers will be required to show proof of a COVID vaccine, having recovered from COVID, or a test in the past 48 hours just to attend work. They call the COVID passport the Green Pass certificate.

The Green Pass is required already for teachers and students. It is required to eat indoors, go to the movies, or attend sporting events. But the step of requiring the Green Pass in order to go to work will affect almost 23 million workers.

The AFP is reporting that 10% of the nation’s workforce is unvaccinated and would require proof of recovery from the vaccine or a recent COVID test in the past 48 hours. Those COVID tests are required to be paid for by the employee. There’s just one problem.

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