Saturday, November 27, 2021

Watch: Heavily Armed German Police Raid Crowded Cafe Over "COVID Rule Violations"

Watch: Heavily Armed German Police Raid Crowded Cafe Over "COVID Rule Violations"

Illegal drug and gun trafficking? Organized crime? Sex or slave trafficking? Plotting of terrorist acts? One might expect such actions to result in heavily armed police descending on a venue for that to bust up any such criminal enterprise, but welcome to 2021... where a Swat team can show up at your home or business for simply allowing patrons to dine in peace. 

On Friday RT's Ruptly published raw footage of what it reported are ongoing "police raids" in Berlin which uncovered "multiple COVID-19 violations"...

The "raids" come amid growing international fears of the Omicron variant, which in many European countries triggered travel bans from South African and other renewed instructions. 

It seems curious that just ahead of Christmas the West gets a new "scare" - also as in many places the pandemic is appearing to wane in intensity, and as people increasingly get back to normal. But as the deeply disturbing footage from Berlin shows, in many locales it seems authorities will go to any lengths possible to prevent a "back to normal atmosphere" - all in the name of "fighting the pandemic". 

This further comes as Germany is reportedly mulling forced vaccines on sectors of the population which remain unvaxxed, as NBC reported days ago:

Germany is set to decide on tougher Covid-19 restrictions and could even opt for a full lockdown amid record daily infections and mounting pressure on hospitals.

Olaf Scholz, Germany’s chancellor-designate, said Wednesday that the Covid situation was serious and that the country would massively push its vaccination campaign, noting that "vaccination is the way out of this pandemic."

Scholz said Germany "should make vaccination compulsory for certain groups," without stating which groups, while new Finance Minister Christian Lindner stated that Germans should avoid all unnecessary contact this winter "to preserve all of our health in this pandemic."

Meanwhile, it's worth recalling in this context that Australia's Northern Territory chief minister Michael Gunner captures well the kind of militant "Stuff it, shove it" mentality among political and "health authorities" in imposing extreme, draconian restrictions... the kind also increasingly present in Western Europe, as the German police raid example reveals.

No wonder these same places are increasingly seeing large scale anti-mandate protests pop up, which are unleashing fury on local and national governments. 

Instead of a "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays" - it seems more and more people will be greeted by police with a "papers please!" greeting this year.

Tyler Durden Sat, 11/27/2021 - 12:15