Thursday, November 25, 2021

Italy has approved Super Green Pass valid from Dec 6th 2021: more limitations for unvaccinated, extension of compulsory vaccination


Yesterday the Italian government has approved the implementation of the Super Green Pass starting December 6th, including:

  • The Super Green pass will be granted only to Vaccinated or recovered people.

  • The duration of the Super Green pass for the vaccinated will be 9 months (currently it had been extended to 12)

  • Only the Vaccinated or recovered will have access to bars and restaurants, theatres, cinema, sports events, public ceremonies

  • Regular green pass for non vaccinated/non recovered (obtainable through negative test lasting 48 hours and costing 15 euros) that is required to go to work will be required to access ALL public transports including local bus and metro(currently it is required only for flights and long haul trains). It will also be required to access hotels and changing rooms for sports activities.

  • Compulsory vaccination that is now currently required for health personnel only will be required for all administrative personnel in health premises, all teachers and administrative personnel in schools, army, police, public safety. The booster will be compulsory for health personnel.

Compliance will be checked through police controls.

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