Friday, December 31, 2021

Ghislaine Maxwell verdict confirms big coverup

Ghislaine Maxwell has been found guilty on five of six charges and could be put away for 65 years.

And very interestingly, the federal prosecutors have not offered her...

In the video above, I get into the fact that prosecutors have not offered Maxwell the opportunity to name names in exchange for a lighter sentence. 

I explain how despite getting the convictions, the federal government orchestrated a complete whitewash in this case.

They had the opportunity to bring people forward to testify about the true reality of the larger international trafficking and extortion operation that Maxwell was part of. And they failed to do so.

And on top of that, the judge has now permanently sealed the files surrounding this case. Which of course further protects very powerful people who were involved in unspeakable acts, yet still have not faced justice.

Plus, all of this is dropping right during the holiday break when most people are not paying attention. 

In today's video, I address the larger implications of the case and the Maxwell verdict, as well as 

Questions that need to be asked about the US setting the world record for sickness cases and what you should understand about the "viral blizzard" propaganda that is going around.

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PS in today's Luke Uncensored episode, I explain why more people are going to wake up soon.

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