Friday, April 22, 2022

More strange events (athletes dropping, hepatitis in kids): is it the vax?

Consider the following recent headlines:

The articles on the athlete collapses point the finger at the vaccine.

The articles on the hepatitis outbreaks don’t suspect the COVID vaccines at all since the mainstream experts all think the COVID vaccines are safe and effective. So it’s not even an option that could be considered.

What does VAERS say? It says that the average # of reports for hepatitis in a year is around 8 cases. In 2021, for just the COVID vaccine, there were 304.

The obvious question is, “why are there 8 cases a year before the COVID vaccines (across all 70 vaccines combined), and now 304 cases in 2021 associated with the COVID vaccine?”

As an engineer, it looks to me like the COVID vaccine causes susceptibility to liver damage.