Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Woke gender ideologies imposed on children could change Western civilization for generations


Leftists are pushing to promote queerness to minors in schools, projecting adult insecurities and undermining traditional values.

Left-wing pedagogical efforts to introduce gender ideology into the classroom have by and large slipped under the notice of parents, who are only now becoming aware of its impact on children. Some call it ‘ideological capture’, others call it ‘grooming’.

Kids are being exposed to drag shows, Pride parades organized by local school boards, transgenderism, and LGBT-based curricula. Children are instructed to question their gender and sexuality. It’s all being done for the sake of affirming the choices of adults who often struggle with their own identities.

Dogged investigations by the Manhattan Institute’s Christopher Rufo and ‘Irreversible Damage’ author Abigail Shrier have done much to bring the issue into the limelight. Tireless work by social media researcher Libs of TikTok chronicle an endless litany of self-published videos by professed kindergarten and grade schoolteachers who ramble on about “educating” the kids under their care with transgenderism and gender theory.

Chronicling these videos earned the Libs of TikTok account multiple suspensions on Twitter the woke mob is increasingly worried about negative exposure.

In many cases, schoolteachers who self-identify as ‘non-binary’, ‘genderqueer’ or ‘transgender’, express a wide spectrum of emotions over how students perceive them – as if the children exist only as a foil for the narcissism of the adults instructing them. Others speak of how proud they are of the kids who identify as something other than ‘cisgendered’ and straight – as if it’s any business of theirs.

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