Friday, June 3, 2022

Diaper Report


Via Eric Peters Autos

This report is is an update on the condition of my friend, the VA nurse who became severely sick recently – after being coerced into taking the Jab that doesn’t prevent people from becoming sick.

The VA is part of the sickness apparat of the federal government and the Thing that heads that apparat – or rather, fronts for it – decreed last fall that everyone who works for it must submit to the Jab else lose their job. My friend was one of those millions who decided that working for the federal apparat was more important than finding other work not conditional upon his agreeing to become a kind of rhesus monkey, to be experimented upon whenever The Science says.

The results of the experiment are becoming well-known, even if not much reported by what is styled the “media.”

It is known, in the first place, that the “monkeys” continue to get the sickness they were assured by the Thing they would be immunized against, with “95 percent” effectiveness. This proved to be on par with those infomercial radio show weight loss programs that promise you’ll shed “up to” 50 pounds in a month by taking their pills. It’s never at least even five pounds.

But at least those diet pills don’t make you gain more weight.

The “vaccines,” on the other hand, not only don’t prevent the individual injected with them from getting sick – or getting others sick – they appear to be getting people sicker. Serially so.

The reporting of  what are bureaucratically styled “adverse events” reaches into the tens of thousands and that may be only a fraction of the adverse events actually occurring, given the difficulty of reporting anything to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), which requires a great deal of effort – much more effort than, say, reporting a problem with a new car suggestive of a design defect to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is. Even so, there are already so many reports to VAERS that if we were talking about cars, that car in question would be at the very least the subject of great scrutiny by the federal “safety” apparat – and reporting by the media, which would portray the car as “unsafe” even if only one in a million of them ran off the road or caught fire.

Well, excepting Teslas and other electric cars.

In terms of “vaccines” there is no precedent for the apparat leaving such a clearly not-safe (and ineffective) drug on the market. Olestra, anyone?

Doubled down in the case of these unsafe and ineffective drugs by the ongoing pushing of them – even into the arms of toddlers now. It is interesting to note in this regard that there is little to be heard from the usually heard ad nauseam “concerned moms” over this – though there are many moms who are very much concerned. But those moms – and dads’ – concerns are not heard much on TeeVee because their concerns don’t align with those of the apparat, media and government as well as corporate.

It is as if Thalidomide were still being given to pregnant women as a palliative for morning sickness – and everyone was expected to just pretend they didn’t see the babies born with deformed arms nine months later.

Worse, actually, because no woman was ever coerced with threat of loss of job to take Thalidomide. But in those days, doctors weren’t minions of the state, their jobs not yet corporatized and consolidated by a nascent McHealth Care system.

My friend the nurse works for it now. It is difficult for him to work as a nurse anywhere else precisely because the McHealth Care system encompasses practically all of what is now styled “health care” even as it delivers sickness – and sends the patient an itemized bill for it.

Which brings us back to the “vaccines” – and the other way they get people sick. More precisely, the way they make people vulnerable to getting sickness – in addition to not preventing it. The evidence that this is so is already highly suggestive in that those who have been “vaccinated” not only continue to get sick (and spread sickness) they appear to be getting sicker, when they get sick – as in the case of my friend.

He got almost hospital sick a little while back. What’s interesting about this is that there is no serious sickness going around right now. It is not flue season and the WuFlu has attenuated to even less of a serious sickness than it was back when it didn’t kill off 99.8 percent of the population. Yet my nurse friend – who is extremely athletic and fit and neither obese nor elderly – became very sick indeed.

What is interesting about that is that he and I both got sick – me from him – around the beginning of this year, when the attenuated variant of the WuFlu, the so-called Omicron variant, was around. He got it first and I got it next, after I was around him at the gym where we both work out. We both got a cold. Neither of us had to stay in bed, much less seek a hospital bed.

If it was the Moronicon, it would stand to reason we both developed natural immunity to this sickness. He got sick, again – this time, seriously. He could not work; he could barely eat. He almost did end up in the hospital.

I got nothing.

Could it be because I have not been “vaccinated”?

It is difficult to say with certainty. But how about probability? In view of the blatantly ongoing evidence that the “vaccinated” continue to get sick – often, seriously so – while those who avoided the “vaccine” continue to not get sick and even when they do become sick, it is rarely seriously?

Could there be a  . . . correlation?

In less sick times, this would be looked into – by the apparat – rather than shoved under the rug, by the apparat. But then, it was the apparat that shoved the drugs into millions of people’s arms, my friend among them.

He doesn’t like to think about it or even discuss it, another interesting thing. He was looking for any thing to account for his becoming seriously sick for no apparent reason (other than his having been “vaccinated”). Maybe it was meningitis. Or Rocky Mountain Spotted Tick fever.

Anything – other than the “vaccine” he was coerced into taking. Perhaps because once taken, you cannot take it back. Not just the drugs he allowed them to inject into his body, either.

They took from him – he gave away something – far more valuable than his health. Something he doesn’t want to deal with, understandably so.

Millions of others have had that something taken from them as well – and the cost may prove to be much higher than even the cost of their lost health.