Saturday, June 4, 2022

Diaper Report


Via Eric Peters Autos

This is an alarming report – because of what it says about what has been going on. A good friend of mine, who isn’t elderly or obese or chronically afflicted by any sickness – who is a big strapping guy who lifts weights and also regularly does 30-50 mile competitive bicycle rides – called this morning to let me know he has the ‘Rona.


And this time, it’s much worse. He says he’s been unable to eat for a couple of days now and has a weird rash on his thigh, too.

But that’s not the worst of it.

It’s the Jab he took that is. Which may be the cause of this.

The Jab he was pressured to submit to via threats of losing his job/income if he chose not to.

My friend is a nurse who works within the VA hospital system. The bastards made my friend take the Jab as the price of keeping his job.

And now he’s sick. Not just a little bit, either. He might get sicker.

Let’s dissect both.

First, he’s sick. Yet, he took – was coerced to take – the Jab. The one the Biden Thing told everyone was “95 percent effective” and that if you took it, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting sick. This has turned out to be what some might style   . . . misinformation.

And now my Jabbed friend is very sick. There are likely millions of such cases – italicized vs. air-fingers-quotation marks because this time, it’s not just a  positive test result on a test that produces a “positive” test result when papayas are tested – and which doesn’t necessarily correlate with actual sickness.

Millions of people are now actually getting sick.

Most of these are Jabbed.

Why, there might be a connection.

The evidence hat there is one is so overwhelming that it is hardly even denied any longer. In some countries, nearly everyone has been Jabbed – upwards of 90 percent – so almost no one ought to be getting sick.


And yet, they are – lots of them. More of them – and worse – than before.  Ergo, there is no rational way to deny that those who are now getting sick weren’t immunized against anything.

In the United States, probably half or more of the population has been Jabbed – many of these several times over the course of less than one year. And yet, the cases – of people actually getting sick – are up rather than down. In a world not enstupified this would cause a pause. The FDA would not be approving a fresh round of Jabs . . .  for kids. A halt would be called to Jabs, as has always been the case in the past when it became clear the supposed cure was worse than the actual disease.

Back to my friend.

He’s not just a little sick, a matter of coughs and aches and not feeling too great. That was the degree of sickness he experienced before he got Jabbed, when he got whatever-was-going-around earlier this year. And then I got it, too – from him. He was a little under-the-weather one day at the gym; a couple of days later, so was I. Neither of us was slammed, unable to eat or function. We just didn’t feel too great for a week or so – and then it was gone and back to normal.

We both, like millions of others who aren’t elderly or obese or chronically sick with other sicknesses that make one vulnerable to getting sicker – fought off this sickness without too much trouble – and without any drugs – because we both had strong immune systems. I worry that my friend no longer has one. On account of what the Jab may have done to his immune system. How else to explain his sudden affliction? Not just that he got it (again) when he probably would otherwise haven’t gotten it all, because he had natural immunity to prevent his getting it.

But that he got it bad?

It is very strongly suggestive to me that my big, strapping and previously exceptionally healthy friend has had his immune system wrecked by the poison they’re putting into those vials – and have been injecting into the bodies of millions. There is a great deal of evidence in support of this, too. The “vaccines” – which aren’t – cause the body’s natural immune system to waste away, in the same manner that doses of steroids can cause an otherwise normal man’s natural production of testosterone to collapse.

Whether this was deliberate or merely the result of a catastrophically reckless rush to get these drugs “warp-speeded” into people’s bodies – thanks, Orange Man – is not yet something that can be known for certain. What is known for certain, though, is that these “vaccines” do not “work” – if that word is defined as preventing the recipient from getting or giving the sickness putatively “vaccinated” against. This is incontestable. On that basis alone, these “vaccines” ought to be re-labeled as – at best – a palliative measure; i.e., a drug that makes you feel better/less sick after you get sick.

Like aspirin taken after you get a headache.

But aspirin doesn’t give you a headache. Nor does it give you a worse headache. If aspirin did that, aspirin would have been taken off the market. Well, it would have been – before corporations such as the pharmaceutical cartels got so tick-fattened with money that they were in a position to buy the government that “regulates” them and then use the government to force people to take their “medicine.”

This, for me, is personal – in that I now personally know someone who ought not to be sick at all, who is now quite sick. I suspect there are many others not personally known to me but just as real to those who do know them – and that it is just as alarming to them as it is to me.

I hope I am wrong and that my friend snaps back. I hope that he and the millions of others who were needled into taking these Jabs haven’t had their health ruined by them. I am also thankful I am not Jabbed – and perhaps not coincidentally, am not sick, even a little bit.

A pox on all those responsible for all of this.