Friday, September 30, 2022

Biden is a figurative suicide bomber – here is exactly what's happening



Our country is being destroyed. It's clearly a purposeful communist attack upon America from a thousand different directions. But the president isn't Joe Biden. He is just the figurehead/puppet. The real president is former President Barack Obama.

This is clearly the third term of Obama. His fingerprints are everywhere.

No president can legally serve three terms – hence the need for a figurehead. I believe Biden is just a "DDD": a dummy with dementia who's in diapers. He says whatever is written on cue cards and signs whatever paper is put in front of him. That allows Obama to run the country from the shadows.

As long as they feed Biden his baby food, change his diapers and allow him to sniff little girls' hair, Biden does whatever his handlers tell him to do.

But Obama isn't the brains of the operation. Obama is just a communist tool. Obama takes his orders from a team of what I consider communist suicide bombers: Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, George Soros, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and of course, the boss of all bosses, the capo di tutti, China and the Chinese Communist Party.

Obama is owned lock, stock and barrel by the deep state, the United Nations, the World Economic Forum and China.

The reason it's important to know that I believe Obama is the real president is because Obama was my college classmate at Columbia University, Class of 1983 – where we learned the plan to destroy America.

That plan was called "Cloward-Piven."

Obama learned it well. It's happening today. Look around. The powers that be have just given it a different name: "the Great Reset."

But the goals are the same: Destroy America; make us into a socialist nation; make everyone poor and dependent on government to survive; and make us into a one-party country (Democratic Party) with no opposition or dissent.

They are following the Cloward-Piven game plan to a T.

It's death by a thousand paper cuts. Under eight years of Obama, they "boiled the frog slowly." They attacked in slow motion, hoping you wouldn't notice. Like cooking a frog, they set the temperature so low that the frog doesn't realize he's being boiled until he's dead.

But now with Biden taking the heat, Obama is free to accelerate the process. Now Obama is throwing caution to the wind. He's set the heat as high as it goes.

This is the final communist takeover of America.

The biggest scams in world history are all being carried out right now ... all at once ... right in front of your eyes. They're hitting you from so many directions that you're a combination of dizzy and punch-drunk.

I'll explain the whole TOP TEN list of the greatest scams in history, in detail, in my next column.

But here are the two biggest scams of all time. These two scams are the foundation of this communist attack.

It all started with a stolen election.

That was No. 1. They had to remove then-President Donald Trump. There's evidence they spied on his campaign; they spied on his actual presidency (which is treasonous); they trumped up fake charges to frame him; they spewed propaganda like the Third Reich – and they tried to impeach him multiple times over nothing.

Evidence suggests that when they failed at all of that, they simply stole the 2020 election.

Now they've weaponized the Department of Justice and FBI to raid the former president's home, ruin him, demonize him, bankrupt him, frame him and indict him for crimes he didn't commit – all to prevent him from ever running again.

Trump scares them that much.

With Trump out of the way, there is no one to stop them. Now they're coming for you and me.

Secondly, it's all built around open borders.

That's the deadliest weapon in their toolbox. Having open borders is like a Swiss Army knife: it accomplishes everything at once.

It's simple. Just open the borders, invite the whole world in and fill America with tens of millions of migrants: the poorest people in the world who require welfare from cradle to grave; sick people with Third World diseases who want free health care; and violent criminals. That's how you sink the economy. That's how you explode the debt. That's how you overwhelm the system. That's how you make America a foreign nation.

And as a bonus, that's how you outvote the legitimate citizens of America.

In my next column, I'll unveil the entire TOP TEN greatest scams of all time that Obama, Biden and Democrats are using to burn this country down.

But in the meantime, just understand the people in control of our nation are pure evil, and they won't rest until they've destroyed the greatest country in world history and made you and me into serfs and slaves.

They are communist suicide bombers.

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