Friday, September 30, 2022

CNN Makes Fun of Ginni Thomas for Believing 2020 Election Was Stolen – But She’s Right – The 2020 Election NEVER Should Have Been Certified for Joe Biden


Anytime the corrupt Mainstream media says that something was debunked, that means that without a doubt the subject matter is true.  Case in point, the 2020 Election steal.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s wife, Ginni Thomas, was in front of the corrupt Jan 6 committee in DC this week.  CNN made fun of her for claiming that the 2020 Election was stolen from President Trump.  CNN says that was debunked.

Breitbart reported on the CNN report on Thomas:

Reporter Jamie Gangel said, “We have learned that she had a prepared statement, in fact, at the top of her interview, in which she made clear — she addressed that her election activities were separate from her husband’s, so she did not wait for a question on that we are told that she cooperated, that she answered every question, but Chairman Bennie Thompson has also told reporters that she still believes the election was stolen, Jake. So after everything we know, Ginni Thomas is still an election denier.”

Tapper said, “Even though 60 court cases, all the election boards, all the Trump-supporting governors and attorneys general and secretaries of state, et cetera, et cetera, no evidence of widespread fraud that would have swung the election in any state.”

He added, “That’s just wild. I mean, that’s just untethered from all of the facts and evidence.”

Liberals went crazy on Twitter claiming all sorts of things about Ginni Thomas.  This has been the far-left media’s strategy since before the 2020 Election.

Those involved in the 2020 Election steal were going to steal the election days after it passed, which they did.  Bernie Sanders laid it out before the 2020 Election.  And then, anyone who made the claim that the election was stolen would be beaten to a pulp by the mainstream media and censored and taken down by Big Tech.

thinking about this video of bernie sanders talking about mail-in votes

— hannah (@hannahhycho) November 4, 2020

No messages of the election being stolen are allowed. 

But with Ginni Thomas, they hope to destroy President Trump and Justice Thomas through the Justice’s wife.  The media and the left hate America.  They show it in everything they do.

But let’s look at Ginni Thomas’s position that the 2020 Election was stolen.

For starters, the election should have been stopped on November 3rd and 4th when Americans were not permitted to see what was going on in the big rooms in big cities where ‘counting’ was taking place.   This was a crime and no one enforced the law.  Where was Bill Barr?

The 2020 election was #NonTransparent by force. #Bullying to cheat. #StopTheSteal

— Dr. Kelli Ward ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ (@kelliwardaz) December 5, 2020

When we looked into the election data we saw patterns in data that should not have been there.

We saw millions of ballots counted in the election that we don’t know where they came from because there was no chain of custody attached to millions of absentee ballots.

UPDATE: Swing State Ballots Were Missing Legally Required Chain of Custody Documentation Giving Democrats Impossible and Likely Fraudulent Wins in Battleground States

Not only do we not know where they came from, but we also don’t know who they came from.  Signature verifications were shut off in multiple states.  In Nevada and Wisconsin, they basically didn’t perform signature verifications.  In Arizona, they didn’t and they didn’t allow signature verifications checked in the Maricopa audit.  This happened across the country.  We have no idea who signed hundreds of thousands of ballots in the 2020 Election.

How Democrats Win: Signature Fraud in Nevada: Verification System “Basically Turned Off”

And, of course, the voting machines used across the country appear designed for fraud.

EXCLUSIVE: Are Vulnerabilities in Voting Systems Reported in CISA Report Errors in Design or Intentional?

No, Jake Tapper, the 2020 Election hasn’t been debunked but your claims that it has – have been debunked conclusively.  The 2020 Election never should have been certified for Joe Biden. 

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