Sunday, September 25, 2022

Mercola Website Taken Down


Many of you are aware the Mercola website disappeared early Friday morning. This outage wasn’t scheduled, but we have been planning and preparing for the possibility that it could happen for some time.

The past few years have brought many challenges:

  • Our bank accounts were closed
  • Our partners’ Paypal accounts were shut down
  • The media, senators, federal agencies, Attorney’s General, and Big Tech have all been used by the global cabal to illegally shut down our right to free speech

But we stand together and can see through the coordinated agenda before us.

A constant game of chess is being played out and our lives are at stake. We’ve broken through the blinding fog of the COVID war together. We have won many battles and are stronger and more enlightened by each one.

Our sites will be shut down temporarily and we will operate through Substack and Amazon until further notice.

The Substack website will host our content for the first 48 hours free of charge. It is imperative that you subscribe to my Substack website (for free) to receive our daily information.

Please also bookmark the website should you not receive our emails. You can find my Substack website at: TakeControl.Substack.Com

If you are looking for our products, you will need to purchase them from our Amazon reseller website temporarily. I realize this is an unfortunate choice, as the last thing we want you to do is purchase from Amazon – but at this time Amazon is the only place you will find most of our products. We will do everything in our power to bring back the Mercola Market as soon as possible.

More updates will be coming, so please be sure to subscribe to my Substack website (free articles for the first 48 hours they are published) or bookmark the page and visit daily.

And remember if you are looking for any of our products, the best place to find them is on Amazon, unfortunately.

Thank you so much for your support, we have bigger and better solutions in the works!

My deepest gratitude,

Dr. Mercola