Wednesday, March 15, 2023

A 10 month-old Baby Could Have FOUR Covid Shots for “Best Protection”

FDA Approves FOURTH Covid Shot For Babies

Originally Published on Igor’s Newsletter

The FDA approved the FOURTH COVID shot for infants.

Pfizer’s submission explains:

What does it mean? Based on the current CDC recommendations, a baby could have COVID shots on the following timeline. (my addition is in RED)

This vaccination sequence could be completed within four months after starting at six months. Therefore, a 10-month-old infant could have four mRNA Covid vaccine doses.

If you think that four doses of Covid vaccine are a bit too much for a 10-month-old, consider this: any mother crazy enough to subject her infant to Covid vaccines would also receive Covid vaccines while pregnant and while breastfeeding.

I hope my math is not off, but it is conceivable that such a mother could receive three Covid vaccines while pregnant, exposing her unborn child, and one more booster dose when breastfeeding her newborn.

As Covid vaccines are shed via breast milk, a 10-month-old baby could have EIGHT COVID vaccine exposures in their entire lifespan, including pre-birth.

There is more weirdness. The clinical trial of 60 small kids Pfizer referred to had no published results. It was, however, mentioned to the FDA during the Jan 26 meeting.

The slide about small kids had the strangest count of participants:

Before the 4th shot, there were 21 babies. But after the shot, there were 23 babies. How is that even possible? And why did no one present at the FDA meeting ask questions?

I am a little tired of this “Covid vaccine for infants” quackery, and I have long run out of acceptable adjectives. I feel sorry for the babies. I am also sorry for the moms subjecting their kids to reckless experiments. Nevertheless, I hope that as a taxpayer, I will not be on the hook financially to care for their damaged health, not at least before Pfizer runs out of compensation funds.

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