Sunday, October 4, 2020

Ivermectin Could Turn COVID-19 Around. We Need To Find Out If It Works. Clinical Trials of cheap and effective drugs for Covid are being prevented by the WHO, Big Pharma and their cronies


Ivermectin Could Turn COVID-19 Around. We Need To Find Out If It Works.

Ivermectin + doxycycline + Zinc may be more effective than Hydroxychloroquine.

There have been very few comparison trials.

Ivermectin in conjunction with Hydroxychloroquine plus antibiotic and zinc may be the best treatment if the patient starts to exhibit severe symptoms.

Ivermectin and Brohexine may be the best combination (with Zinc). Nobody knows. Big Pharma and Bill Gates don't want any clinical trials conducted to find out.

Russia prefers to use Ivermectin in general over Hydroxychloroquine, though Hydroxychloroquine is still available and used if that's what the doctor determines is best for a particular patient.

Russia has a Case Fatality Ratio of 1.5%.
Which compares very favorably to most other larger Western or South American countries which have a 3% plus CFR (such as the US).
Where all cheap anti inflammatory and off patent anti viral drugs have been banned by the government - such as the UK and Mexico which have a horrendous death rate of 9 and 10%.

Macron in France banned HCQ after a CFR of less than 1% was achieved in Marseille by Prof Didier Raoult.
France consequently now has a horrific CFR of 5% plus.

India has a very low CFR of 1.5%. India routinely uses Hydroxychloroquine both as a prophylactic (preventative) for high risk groups (such as healthcare workers) and as a routine and widespread treatment, with Zinc, as soon as symptoms appear.

Both Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, with Zinc, are far more effective treatments than Big Pharma drugs like Gates/Fauci sponsored Remdesivir an extremely expensive and ineffective patented drug made by Gilead, which failed to work on Ebola.

Fatality rates in the US, UK and Europe could have been reduced by between 50 and 80% if these cheap and effective drugs had been routinely used, instead of being banned by the government and its regulatory agencies.

9 senior members of NIH and NIAID own shares or have financial interests in Gilead - including Fauci and Gates.